of such is the new world

I wonder if the stories of Jesus with children... especially the one where he said "of such is the kingdom of heaven"... suggest that the new world is made up of people who look before, beneath and beyond the distinctions. Or, better, look right at them with compassionate wonder.There are two ways to see distinctions. One way is to see them as flawed factors in the other necessitating division and separation. Another is to appreciate them as the beautifully distinctive features that enrich … [Read more...]

we are one

Although our minds divide and separate, and although all things appear and seem separated, we are all one. All is one. There is no division except what we enact and empower and enable. But this division is an illusion. It is not the Real. It is not the Substantial.The Oneness has to be 'seen'. It is a revelation. It cannot be reached at through intellectual exercise. It is not the accumulation of knowledge. It is known like your breath is known. It is known like the beating of your heart. Even … [Read more...]