the spirit of Jesus and the Buddha nature

We believe what we want to believe.We see what we want to see.I remember when I first considered, as a Christian, the value of Buddhism. I read up on it. Studied it. Practiced some of it. At first I conceded that a Christian could incorporate some Buddhism. I could concede that there were good Christ-like Buddhists out there. I could even concede that many of the teachings of the Buddha and Jesus were strikingly similar.Once I lived with this for a while, then I could move on to … [Read more...]

does all mean all or some?

The good news isn't that we've got a job to do but that the job's been done.The Easter story is about the breaking down of barriers. It reveals the fact that the dividing walls we build are fantasies and no longer stand. There is no longer in and out.Some like to believe the wall's been moved and that the special people designation has simply shifted to another group, of which they belong, of course.No. All means all. Not some. … [Read more...]