captivated by love or holding love captive

BUY A PRINT: JUST $25!I'd rather love and be loved. Wouldn't you?I'd rather be captivated by love than hold love captive. Wouldn't you?Let love go.Be released!We're learning how to love at The Lasting Supper. Try it out. … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: valentine gift

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cartoon: love covers

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cartoon: love

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cartoon: Happy Valentine’s Day

I hope you have a happy Valentine's Day today. Be loved. Love. Find someone to love. Stir romance. Kiss someone. Lisa and I are planning on kissing each other later and saying "Happy Valentine's Day" while we are in the hospital with Jesse. He's still very sick. We love him. We hug and kiss him. We'll wish him a Happy Valentine's Day. We wish we could give him his request: a full-blown turkey dinner with Lisa's famous stuffing and Alabama mashed potatoes. But for now, he'll after to settle for … [Read more...]

cartoon: Don’t Ruin the Romance

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Teens Too!

So my son Jesse comes home from school yesterday with condoms. They were passed out in Life class. I passed out when I saw them. He was laughing. I wasn't. He said, "Just on time for Valentine's Day!" I said, "Ya, right!" He said he was going to go to the sex shop in town and get some toys. I said, "Ya, right!" I remember when this 6'3" dude was being given his birds and the bees talk years ago. All three of our kids were in the room. After we told him all he needed to know at the time, he said, … [Read more...]