a video of me drawing today’s cartoon

A young girl who likes my cartoons wanted to know how I drew them, so I did a video to show her.I hope this helps Shena! … [Read more...]

the Lasting Supper trailer

Today I was working at the office of my friend Jeff Roach of Sociallogical and his wife Kelly Lawson. Great peoples! Kelly created this movie style trailer for me. I could hear her giggling as she was creating it. I love it! It's also a bit of a tongue-in-cheek pitch for The Lasting Supper that I'm passionate about and care about deeply because it is really helping people explore and exercise their spiritual freedom and independence with others of like mind. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

One Minute Message “Show Them Your But”

Do you get pity for making a wise decision for your own personal health and wellbeing? Watch this one minute message called "Show Your But" which gives you an easy 3-step response to unwanted pity.Pass it on to those who could use this advice! … [Read more...]

interviewed by The Unconventional Pastor

Here's an interview conducted by Bob Greaves, the The Unconventional Pastor. We had technical difficulties but it's still a good interview. Bob has a way to get to the heart of things. Thanks Bob! … [Read more...]

interviewed by 5 Pillars Coaching

My friend Nick Pereira of 5 Pillars Coaching interviewed me, so I thought I would post it here for you guys to get a glimpse of me and a little more of what I'm about. I talk more about my new site davidhayward.ca, so it might help you to understand what we're doing over there. Actually, it's a dream come true for me. I'm LOVING IT!We're planning on doing a webinar in a few weeks that we'll invite you to join if you're interested. It's theme is "Is Spiritual Independence Okay?" and it will … [Read more...]

why my new site?

Some people are asking why I started another site, and if nakedpastor is going to suffer for it. Here's a 2 minute video explaining my reasoning behind it. Please take a look:So there you have it! I'm running 2 sites now. Nakedpastor is my dark side. Davidhayward my light side. Although both will carry aspects of both. Some people are calling davidhayward an online church and I'm the pastor. I'm not calling it that. Remember my love of labels? But you can call it what you want.I'm enjoying … [Read more...]

one minute message: “breaking up is hard to do with the church”

Hey everyone. Welcome to another One Minute Message. Share with all your friends and family. If you dare.Have you read my two books? I think you'd like them. Order them HERE. … [Read more...]

3 ways to leave the church

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The Deaf Hear

This video moves me. I just had to share it with you.I have to say: She reminds me of Sophia. … [Read more...]

Cartoon: youtube for nakedpastor

I received an email Friday from someone who reads my blog... Andrew. He said that he and some guys got together and made this video in honor of nakedpastor. It was an out-of-body experience for me watching this short video. For so many reasons. I laughed. Thanks guys. What an honor!!Order my book. You can download it here, or get the ebook from Lulu.com, or better yet, get the hard copy version to hold in your hands. Awesome for your coffee table. It'll get people talking! 101 of my best … [Read more...]