Video Trespass

Once in a while someone will send me a link to a YouTube video of some church service where people are worshiping in a crazy fashion. I never find them funny or even true. I mean, sure... we're looking at people spinning and falling and raising their hands and dancing and singing. But it's not true! The point of the videos is usually to mock these people, to expose them and their foolishness, and to embarrass them. My first impression is always embarrassment. Not for them. Me.I love … [Read more...]

Trent Yaconelli’s Band Five A.M.’s Latest Cool Music Video

A friend of mine I've made through connection online, Trent Yaconelli (son of the famously radical youth guy Mike Yaconelli), has a band called Five A.M.. I posted about these guys a while ago here. This is the story behind this video that he sent me:A year ago a man came to the band and was so inspired by our music he has helped us record with top producers and mixers in top studios. He has also pushed us to get our music out there in any way we can. As we worked with him he realized he had … [Read more...]

Humour and Miracles

I am a Rowan Atkinson fan. I thought I would share this with you. I think it is hilarious. Take a look see: … [Read more...]

Just a Couple Crazy Links

A little something our youth group is up to. Yah right wink wink nod nod! I got the heads up on this super-human video from Dooce, another interesting blog I check in on once in a while... an ex-Mormon. … [Read more...]

nakedpastor on Youtube!

Thanks to Bob Carlton of The Corner for creating this video using my "Prayers from the Cell" series. Honored! … [Read more...]