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Purchase the original drawing or a print of this cartoon!This poor guy. I wonder how long he will last.I was actually inspired to draw this because someone bought another one of my original knife-in-the-back cartoons yesterday. This picture popped into my mind. So I drew it.Backbiting and stabbing is so normalized that people expect it now. What about a community that actually tries to be free of this? That's what we're building over at If you say, "Impossible, because … [Read more...]

short people high knobs

The church can be accused of false advertising when it says it welcomes all but makes it impossible for some to join or stay or participate.If the church is worried about numbers and is doing anything to grow, including making false claims, then it needs to get over it. Just admit you don't welcome short people. Don't worry! There's plenty of tall people out there who don't believe in shortness and will join your exclusive group.Just look at Starbucks on the one hand who supports same-sex … [Read more...]

changing church sign: “welcome”

From all to most to some to few to you're to I'm. Kind of narrows it down. We have a choice: the more we get to know people we can either despair and resort to hate, or we can be gracious and resort to love.Of course, it actually begins with us.Visit my online gallery to acquire my art. … [Read more...]

we welcome short people

This is along the same thing as a recent post of mine, Belief or Deed. The church, along with every other institution, and Christians, along with every other person, may say one thing yet actually do another.How many times have we heard that we are "_____-friendly" when all the signs point in the other direction? We hear a lot of talk about being inclusive and sharing power from white middle-class males. It looks and sounds great.But show me the money!You can buy the original hand-drawn … [Read more...]

cartoon: a measured distance

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cartoon: How to Bake Round Squares

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