cannibal lambs

I remember when this first came out a couple years ago. It caused quite a stir. I asked myself why. It's certainly because it strikes close to home. I think it's true.Has this happened to you? … [Read more...]

sheep’s clothing

Sheep's clothing doesn't just fool the sheep, but also the one wearing it. Duplicity is almost always unconscious. The wolves in sheep's clothing that I have known were totally sincere in their imagined intentions. They had no idea of the destruction they were causing. This wolf wants to be up to date. The sheep's clothing, his particular style of spirituality, is only a covering.You can buy the original of this cartoon. Please contact me. Or buy a print.Or, I already have a book of … [Read more...]

I Send You Out Among Wolves

Jesus said to his disciples, "I send you out among wolves."When you go into the world to do your thing, whatever it is you do, you are being let loose among wolves. How do they work?They hunt their prey in packs. They look for a weakness in their prey. They stalk their prey until the weakness is exposed. They take down their prey.In other words:There are people out there who will gang up on you. If one jerk can find another jerk to agree with him against you, that's a pack. They … [Read more...]

cartoon: who needs enemies…

I think this cartoon speaks for itself. Rather graphic I'll admit. But something I've learned over the years: there are wolves. Then there are wolves in sheep's clothing. Then there are just some nasty sheep. And they seem to be on the rise. Just sayin.Buy a print of this cartoon from my cartoon gallery.I have an image terms of use policy.Please join my newsletter. … [Read more...]