choice lamb

I receive emails everyday from people who have left the church. They share with me their struggle to learn how to live without it. Here's a slice from one such letter: We were told to leave a church because we had become tools of Satan in the fellowship. So we were handed over to Satan to do his will for punishment. All because of a difference of opinion regarding actions we believed were unloving.Anyway, person after person has encouraged me to find another church with comments about how much … [Read more...]

sheep among wolves

Wolves rule the world. But we are to be sheep. And we have been sent out among the wolves. Even on Wall St., the parallel is unmistakable. The wolves will prey on the sheep. They will use their superior strength, cleverness and prowess to feed themselves and decimate the flock.These sheep have had enough. And the wolves don't like it.For those of you who missed last night's post, the website Two Friars and a Fool reviewed nakedpastor. Go to their site now by CLICKING HERE. Meet, watch and … [Read more...]

cartoon: said and heard

This saying of Jesus is not to make one paranoid. But it should make one less presumptuously triumphalist. … [Read more...]

I Send You Out Among Wolves

Jesus said to his disciples, "I send you out among wolves."When you go into the world to do your thing, whatever it is you do, you are being let loose among wolves. How do they work?They hunt their prey in packs. They look for a weakness in their prey. They stalk their prey until the weakness is exposed. They take down their prey.In other words:There are people out there who will gang up on you. If one jerk can find another jerk to agree with him against you, that's a pack. They … [Read more...]

cartoon: “Wild”

This is drawn with pen and ink and graphite pencil on Strathmore heavy acid-free vellum. You can buy the original or a fine art print HERE. Even though I consider this image tastefully PG, I have made available a version of the fine art print with a dress on the young woman, courtesy Photoshop.Again, another image from the depths of my unconscious emerges. Obviously there is something going on with a deep urge to be free and to live with the consequences of this freedom. It has everything to … [Read more...]