female pastors and porn

I read an interesting story about a magazine's report of women in ministry. The January/ February issue of Gospel Today was a contentious one.Its lead story is "Female Pastors". The five female pastors who are featured on the cover are Pastor Sheryl Brady of The River in Durham, N.C.; Pastor Tamara Bennett of This Is Pentecost Ministries in Sacramento, Calif.; Bishop Millicent Hunter of The Baptist Worship Center in Philadelphia, Pa.; Pastor Claudette Copeland of New Creation Christian … [Read more...]

well developed women

For many it doesn't matter if a person is well developed spiritually or intellectually or has developed excellent leadership skills. If this person has developed breasts and female genitalia then it invalidates the former. This person's unsuitable for ministry because she's a she.Gender trumps intelligence, spiritual maturity and leadership. It is said that we are just talking about someone's role, not their value. It is insisted that they still appreciate intelligent, mature, strong women, … [Read more...]