too bad women teachers have bodies

I want to thank Rachel Held Evans for being a part of the inspiration behind this cartoon. In a recent post of hers, The Absurd Legalism of Gender Roles: Exhibit C--"As Long As I Can't See Her…", she said, Piper is essentially arguing that so long as he does not have to acknowledge my humanity, so long as I keep a safe distance so he is unaware of the pitch of my voice and the presence of my breasts, he can, perhaps, learn something about the Bible from me. Of course, being an artist, my mind p … [Read more...]

John Piper and Women Who Teach

Please take 3 minutes to watch this video of an interview with John Piper:There are a few concerns I have concerning this concerning video.First, an observation: acknowledging this is all in the context of male bantering, still… does John Piper seem to think guys only think or talk about sex? When the interviewer asked him, "I'm a guy…" Piper admits, "I thought is was going to be about sex!" It then takes Piper some time to "retrain" his mind. He forgets what the question was and app … [Read more...]