equality for all maybe later

Acquire a high quality print of this cartoon for just $25! SHOP NOW!Even though I argue globally for equality for all and equal rights for all universally, I love being part of a smaller intense community where we actually practice it. Consider joining The Lasting Supper. … [Read more...]

the persistence of primitive theology

The new pope, Pope Francis, says that we shouldn't be naive and that marriage equality is a destructive pretension against the plan of God. No one is surprised. And this isn't to single out the Catholic Church because many if not most churches are the same. It just points to a fact of life: once theology becomes canonized it is here to stay as long as the institution who birthed it and perpetuates it survives.A friend of mine on Facebook reminded me of the above theology... the umbrella of … [Read more...]

binders full of women cartoon

As soon as Romney used the phrase "binders full of women" in the debate the other night, someone bought the domain name bindersfullofwomen.com. Funny. In the same debate he talked about allowing women to have flexible working hours so they could get home to cook supper.Language is so important. It isn't just a tool of communication. If one listens carefully and hears between the lines, you can discern the underlying attitudes. Speech analysis is a fascinating field because it confirms an … [Read more...]