men are more equal

This cartoon is inspired by the increasing volume of arguments claiming that even though women are equal they are to serve a subservient role to men. Sure, men and women are equal, but men are more equal. Sure, men and women are equal, but their divinely sanctioned roles are to be faithfully followed.I am in the company of amazing women. My wife Lisa. My daughter Casile. Some local friends who used to be a part of my congregation but have also left the church.But over the last year, … [Read more...]

women are just for marriage and motherhood

I'm always surprised when I critique certain unlovely aspects of religion and some people suggest that this only happens in fundamentalist denominations in the USA. Not! This can happen anywhere in the world in any organization.Someone sent me this link, 6 Reasons to Not Send Your Daughter to College, written by a Roman Catholic. Here they are:She will attract the wrong types of men. She will be in a near occasion of sin. She will not learn to be a wife and mother. The cost of a … [Read more...]

silence as key to Pastor Dad Mark Driscoll’s ministry

Any regime will work if the silence of the masses is kept. Those in authority rule. Those ruled submit silently. If only people would be quiet, you could do anything to them. Silence keeps the machine running smoothly.This is the strategy of Mark Driscoll's ministry at Mars Hill Church. It is doubly effective because the bible is used to reinforce it.I am grateful that Driscoll is so clear on his intentions. And generous! He preached an 81 minute sermon on fatherhood and turned it into a … [Read more...]

slut virgin wife

My cartoon and post yesterday, "The Modesty Purity Movement and Our Sacrificial Virgins" received a lot of attention from both sides of the camp. Read the comments to see what I mean.From the literature propagating the internet lately it appears to me that women have three choices: they can be a slut, a virgin or a wife. In a lot of what I read a woman is defined by her sex and her relationship to men. Either she's had sex or not. If she has she'd better be married. If she hasn't then … [Read more...]

misogyny, sticky notes and bonfires

I can't believe all the sexist, misogynist stuff flying around the internet by the flockful pooping all over everything. It's rampant! Like one of my recent twitter updates: "Stupidity's not increasing, but the publication of it is." Sexism and misogyny have been around a long time. It's just that now more people get to proclaim it. Freedom of speech, even if it is hate speech.It's uglier when wrapped in religious garb. It's also more powerful because it says it's not misogyny but biblical … [Read more...]

emotionally invested preconceived stereotype of women

When I saw this video of Fox News' Megyn Kelly taking on two men in a heated argument about stereotyping women, it only confirmed to me that beneath all the layers of reasoning there resides a deep-seated, gut-level emotional conviction that women must fulfill their stereotypical roles.Some promote education as the answer. But it is obvious to me that it takes more than education. It takes humility and a willingness to change.How one gets to a place of being willing to humble oneself, … [Read more...]

young ladies can’t do that

Lisa and I decided early… well… it wasn't a decision, it's just the way we are… that we wanted to provide an environment where our children could grow up independent, courageous and wise. Themselves.We have three children. Our first two are boys. Men now. But I want to talk about our third. Our third child is a girl, now one of these young ladies in the cartoon. I clearly remember her early days when she began to verbally challenge us. Instead of responding with the traditional and easy "You … [Read more...]

Roman Catholic men only

Today is the pope's official last day. He retires. The papal conclave will begin the long process of voting on the next pope. All men. An enclaved conclave.I was talking with a seminary student today. She's from a church that didn't support her decision to enter the ministry. Because she's female. A very small percentage of women from her denomination seek ordination, and their chances of finding a church that will receive their ministry are small.I heard a journalist from the Vatican on … [Read more...]