asking for something that’s already here

A good father doesn't want his children to beg. Ever. A good mother doesn't require her kids to plead before she delivers basic necessities... like her presence.If we train people to believe that they lack something, especially a basic need, and that you have the remedy, but that it requires them to perpetually apply to get it, like a lottery, then you've got a life-time customer. Right?So I drew this cheesy little cartoon to illustrate the fact that this poor worship leader is begging … [Read more...]

liturgical dance as outreach

I think this would work.I've heard some are trying it.(Download my ebook "nakedpastor 101" for .99¢.) To download the ebook, --> click here! <--Check out my originals and prints of my art, cartoons and Sophia drawings. … [Read more...]

dealer worse than user

I've had many people tell me forthright that they like praise music that is all hype because it makes them feel better. They've also told me they like hyped-up sermons for the same reason. I've had people leave my church to go to another one that provides the hype I wouldn't so couldn't provide.When they tell me this I totally understand. I really do get it. Life is hard. For many people it is unbearably difficult and disappointing. When they take the time and expend the energy and spend the … [Read more...]

cartoon: honest praise

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cartoon: worship

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my song “I Give All Glory” w/ lyrics

This is a song concerning, again, the cross and its humbling effects. I wrote it for worship, like a hymn, for my past church. Apparently they sang it today.I Give All Gloryto the cross of Jesus Christ I will always turn my eyes away from the things that promise greater things for meto the tortured beams of wood where my savior gave his blood that is where my life will end but where it may beginchorus: i give all glory to him dead and buried now he lives again it is not i who lives but … [Read more...]

my song “Carry Me”

Here are the lyrics: Carry Me (Music and Lyrics by David Hayward)He tends his flock like a shepherd of love He gathers lambs in his strong tender arms He bears them close to his passionate heart Gently and lovingly leads them alongHe will protect me from all of my foes He plants a place where his work safely grows And I am assured that he reaps what he sows And I will with fulness his love come to knowchorus: Carry me through the valley and the sea Carry me to the lofty mountain peaks I … [Read more...]

FREEBIE FRIDAY: musician Rachel Chesney

Welcome to a different kind of FREEBIE FRIDAY. Today I'm not giving away any of my art. Instead, I'm introducing you to another artist, my friend Rachel Chesney.I meet very interesting people through my blog. I mostly meet people who have serious questions and want to ask them. They have discovered that the faith isn't all they've been fed. They've seen behind the curtain and it has spoiled everything. They need a new understanding and a new way to articulate this understanding. They're … [Read more...]

cartoon: worship gets you far

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cartoon: new cd release

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