the z-theory and Santa Claus

(*** spoiler alert…) I think I can safely assume that as children we all believed in a Santa Claus who lived at the North Pole and delivered gifts to good people on Christmas Day faithfully every year. And then we got the news that Santa Claus isn't a real person. That fairy tale no longer served. We had to learn that it represented the "spirit of Christmas", and that anyone who gave was, in a sense, Santa Claus.At one point we believed that God is an all-powerful being who sits in Heaven on … [Read more...]

the z-theory in a simple diagram and explanation

I posted this for my other site, the online community The Lasting Supper, but I thought I would share it with you as well.Hopefully this will help some of you understand the z-theory better. It is based on a waterfall dream I had a few years ago that left me the impression it graphically depicted the structure of reality. I suggest this diagram can be used by all religions and world-views.So as I try to explain to my Christian friends, this is why I rarely, if ever, use the word "God", … [Read more...]

the z-theory in one page

In 2009 I had a dream that relieved my theological anxiety and brought peace:"There is a huge waterfall. Oceans of water pour over the rim of the cliff. The water tumbles down and explodes at the bottom. The deluge spreads over the land covering and consuming everything."“There is a huge waterfall. Oceans of water pour over the rim of the cliff.”We can’t see above the rim, but we can guess that it is an infinite source. There is no proof. Only evidence. We can’t even say it exists. We just … [Read more...]

nakedpastor interviewed by Drew Marshall

Drew Marshall interviewed me last Saturday on live radio. I think Drew is an exceptional talent in the interview arena. He goes straight for the jugular and asked me some tough questions. I couldn't believe it when he started off with asking me about my z-theory, of all things! I enjoyed the interview and think it is a pretty good one.Please take a listen. Maybe you can put a voice to my written words and cartoons. Perhaps it might help you get a little more of a personal touch of who I … [Read more...]

how to be spiritual in the universe

I'm working on a list of discernments that one needs to embrace in order to be spiritual in the universe. I am a Christian, so my idea obviously emerges out of a Christian perspective. But it is inclusive of all walks, including religious, agnostic and atheist.My concern is that as we are being dragged into a more universal understanding of our religions and spiritualities, the adverse reaction is to particularize, polarize and propagandize.Here are the first three discernments that we must … [Read more...]

i want to be 24/7

I want to contribute substantially to the theological and philosophical, as well as ecclesiological conversation. I don't have the time to study and write as I should (I have a full time job as an English teacher).My writing is not as substantial as it used to be. And my z-theory book lies dormant waiting for me to write it.I'm more focused now: I want to help people become and stay spiritually free and independent, even if they intentionally gather together. This is my passion.My cartoons … [Read more...]

z-theory #22: categories

I want to further develop the z-theory (<-- click there to read about it).I remind you of the waterfalls dream that initiated this whole process for me. The top of the falls is beyond our vision. It is the Mystery, the Wholly Other. Then there is the actual falls. This is the incarnation, condescension and manifestation of the Other. Then there is the flood plain, the ramification, the effect, the universal appropriation of the Other.Here are a few developments in describing the … [Read more...]

Resurrective Flood

I'm reading a good little book on mysticism. It is called The Mystic Experience: A Descriptive and Comparative Analysis, by Jordan Paper. He endeavors to compile a universally consistent description of the mystical experience. He includes his own mystical experience in his analysis.Paper writes that one of the constant characteristics of this mystical experience is: An understanding of what was experienced eitherbrings into question all that was known before or confirms theological or … [Read more...]

z-theory, spirit & unity

I've had several requests for me to write a book on my z-theory (click on "z-theory" and it will take you to most of my posts on the idea).I'm spending a great deal of time thinking about it and cautiously beginning to put stuff down. I am hoping it might be an important contribution to the theological discussion taking place these days. I believe it will provide a paradigm, a matrix, through which we may understand our reality and make sense of our spirituality, theology and religion within … [Read more...]

I’m One of Them

Almost everybody I talk with now are not in the church*. Here's the demographic:They never have been a part of one. They used to be but aren't anymore. They are connected to one but never go. If they are part of one, they are trying to figure out how to leave.I totally sympathize with every one of these groups. I completely understand why they feel the way they do and empathize with the decisions they've made. I'm one of them.Of course, I myself have left the church for what I think … [Read more...]