Pussy Riot’s Revolutionary Reading

Purchase the original drawing or buy a print of this cartoon.I hope you saw my earlier Tribute to Pussy Riot. I admire those women so much!I was pleased when I read in The New Yorker that Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, one of the three members of the Russian feminist punk-rock band Pussy Riot serving time in prison for "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred", spends her time in a small four woman cell reading. She tries to write, but her notes are confiscated. She knows she is being spied on, … [Read more...]

democratic control

I'm reading Slavoj ZiZek's book again, Living in the End Times.He suggests a strategy of democracies to prevent class struggle from happening on a large scale… to prevent the poor majority from discovering their own strength. The way this is accomplished is by dividing the large Federal majority into smaller units called States. This way the strength of the poor majority in each State, if they rebel, will not spread beyond the State's borders. Hopefully.At the same time, however, it is u … [Read more...]

critique: betrayal or devotion?

A subject truly dedicated to his Cause regulates his eternal fidelity by means of incessant betrayals. (Slavoj Žižek) Well, it's been a year since I left the ministry and left the church. I still feel like I am a member of the church. I now can honestly say that I feel the whole world is my family, no matter what religion or non-religion. But I still belong to the church, as in it is my family of origin. I love it and am interested in it. I believe in it and care for it.I also admit I am a c … [Read more...]

The Church & Privileged Position

There have been times when the church could viably claim a comprehensive view of existence. It could provide a "global cognitive map"* within which its subjects could understand the universe, life and their place within it.I would say there must be certain things in place for this to take effect. First of all, the church needs to own the "Master Signifier"*… that is, the ultimate perfect Whole that signifies the fullness of all meaning. Secondly, the church must have the authority to pronounce … [Read more...]

fidelity or zealotry

Even though I believe I am critiquing the unnecessary and often destruction accretions that the church unwillingly but sometimes willingly dons, I have been accused of critiquing the church herself. Even though I am angry with all the silly and often marring adornments we impose on the Bride, I can be accused of raging against the Bride herself. Even though I rebel against the dominion the principalities and powers exercise over the church, I can be accused of rebelling against the church … [Read more...]

authority & totalitarian ideology

As the philosopher Slavoj ŽiŽek suggests, there is on the "mere authoritarian lust for power", but there is also a "totalitarian ideology".*We would be best to resist the manifestation of these in the church.It would not be in the church's or the member's best interest to allow the lust for power to be expressed in the church. Not only could we say it is it contrary to the spirit of Jesus, but contrary to what is best for people or the institutions they populate. But I have seen very little t … [Read more...]