Time to Register for Convocation 2018!! Ignite the Flame!

CUUPS 2018 Convocation
CUUPS 2018 Convocation

I am very excited to announce that CUUPS will be having another Convocation in 2018! This time we will be convening at the UU Congregation of Fort Myers, FL and their CUUPS chapter is our host. It is wonderful to have chapters to work with on this. THANK YOU Fort Myers CUUPS for stepping up! I have a vision for the organization to create venues to connect in many regions across the country and continent. This way we can get to know one another and create an incredibly vibrant organization!

We will gather the weekend of April 20-22, 2018. This convocation is a family affair!  There will be adult, teen and young people programs for all ages. There will be teen led circles as well as youth caucus events. Our theme is: Ignite the Flame: Creating Diverse Earth-Centered Communities

Speakers are still being worked out. At this point confirmed are: John Beckett, Jerrie Hildebrand, a possible Kemetic priestess and an elder and activist from a local Native tribe will be speakers along with others. We are working to make this event about many earth and nature centered traditions. Much more programming is in discussion. There will also be vendors and a table to purchase your chapter’s CUUPS materials. Rituals will be led by the CUUPS Chapter in Ft. Myers.

The closest airport will be Fort Myers, FL.  Accommodations are being secured with local venues at reduced rates. There will be limited camping at the church grounds though there are no showers but restrooms are available. The grounds at the church are beautiful.

UUCFM is close to the airport.  Airport transportation options are varied, as the area is served by multiple cab companies as well as Uber and Lyft.

As far as meals, there is an incredible chef preparing food for us over the weekend. Saturday evening will include a community meal. There will be limited morning snacks and beverages throughout the day. A bistro will have wine and beer for sale. No other alcohol will be available. Food will be vegetarian in nature though not necessarily vegan. Adjustments will be made for those with dietary issues. Most produce will come from the local area since it is the growing season at that point. A survey will be sent to those who register about dietary needs.

FMConvoUUCFM is home to Holton Eco Preserve.  They have an outdoor ampitheater, a Florida modified medicine wheel nature circle to hold rituals, and a beautiful fire pit.  We will use their beautiful grounds to create rituals and experiences that really connect us to place and nature in Florida.

Registration is open now. All are welcome from CUUPS, to the UU universe to the local and regional earth/nature centered and Pagan communities in Florida. Click here to register at the early bird rate!!

If you have any questions about being a vendor at Convo2018 0r about anything else contact me. If your chapter is interested in hosting Convocation in 2019, 2020 and 2021, please contact me.

We look forward to seeing you in Ft. Myers, Florida.

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