NbA Muslims’ Post-BHM Reads

  Black History Month is over, but the work to cumulate awareness about and appreciation for the rich heritages and accomplishments of Black Muslims continues. Recognition of Black History Month increases annually in American Muslim communities. Each February, masaajid, Islaamic schools and Muslim organizations offer events and information about the contributions of Muslim and non-Muslim [Read More…]

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BOOK REVIEW: The Packing House – Monsters are real

Review by Layla Abdullah-Poulos                    THE PACKING HOUSE By G. Donald Cribbs $16.95, 286 pp, Paper Originally published in Book/Mark  We wonder at monsters and their tantalizing effects on our sensibilities while viewing or reading about them. However, sometimes monsters are real, and for their victims, there is nothing but visceral fear that consumes their lives [Read More…]

BOOK REVIEW: Angel Hands – The Phantom gets Sexy

Review by Layla Abdullah-Poulos ANGEL HANDS By Cait Reynolds Create Space $14.39, pp. 226. Paper $ 3.99, pp. 191, Kindle We all identify faults and flaws about ourselves that society uses to judge and label. We internalize them, and they affect our esteem and personalities. In ANGEL HANDS by Cait Reynolds, main characters Mireille and [Read More…]


In order to hide his past, Chase must use his body to engage in some nefarious endeavors. NbA Muslims reviews THE DONOR by Brother Dash. NbA Muslims review THE DONOR by Brother Dash. [youtube]n [Read more…]

BOOK REVIEW: No God But God – A Journey from Degradation to Redemption

Review by Layla Abdullah-Poulos NO GOD BUT GOD: FROM THE STREETS TO THE SALAH By Jihada Amazon Digital Services $3.95, 233 pp, Kindle A distinctive feature of novels written by NbA Muslims is the inclusion of the conversion of one or more characters to Islam as part of the plot. Conversion (also referred to as [Read More…]

The Broken Half – 250 YT Views!

Alhamdulillah, 250 views of the NbA Muslims video review of THE BROKEN HALF by Sahar Abdulaziz Author​! [Read more…]

Her Justice: 100 YouTube Views!

The NbA Muslims video book review of Her Justice by Nasheed Jaxson reached 100+ YouTube Views.  Muslim therapist Justice Lowe is deeply in love with his wife Naimah, but Audria is plotting to bring that to an end! [Read more…]

Video Review: Mistress of the Spices by Papatia Feauxzar

Watch NbA Muslims review of Mistress of the Spices by Papatia Feauxzar. Muslim newlywed Aida meets her friend Nellie at a coffee shop. Nellie is itching to know what goes on between a Muslim wife and husband behind closed doors.  Just how much is Aida willing to tell her?! [youtube] Author Papatia Feauxzar Blog: [Read More…]

BOOK REVIEW: Secrets that Find Us -Sahar Abdulaziz doesn’t do normal

“Skeletons in the Closet,” “under wraps,” “keeping it on the down low”…we have generated a myriad of ways to denote the importance of keeping secrets. We need our secrets, and we work tirelessly to make sure they remain unknown because their exposure can result in a spectrum of consequences, from the embarrassing to the devastating. [Read More…]

Goodreads Review of Her Justice by Nasheed Jaxson

Her Justice by Nasheed Jaxson My rating: 5 of 5 stars Nasheed Jaxson packed HER JUSTICE with desire, drama, and trauma. I am a sucker for flawed heroes and lovable villains, and Jaxson gave me quite a fix. The main characters are far from perfect, and I went back and forth loving and hating them. [Read More…]