FB Firestorm, Racial and Intra-ethnic Bias in Black Muslim Marriages

Vantablack Muslim activist Asha Noor posed a question on her Facebook timeline that drew a firestorm of attention and dialogue. Noor’s post garnered comments well into the night. People were still liking and commenting when I woke up for Fajr!  There were major themes in the comments that demonstrate not only a problem with racial [Read More…]

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WHM: White American Muslim Women Building Bridges

By Layla Abdullah-Poulos White Muslim women are a growing demographic in American Muslim culture. They come from a variety of backgrounds and encounter issues specific to intersections of religion, race and gender. White American Muslim women frequently marry within their faith but outside of their race, which necessitates the need to develop cultural competency about [Read More…]

American Muslim Women Say No to EU Hijab Ban

NEW YORK – The European Court of Justice ruling, allowing employers to ban hijab, has been casting shadows on Muslims worldwide. Critics of the ban consider it part of multiple legislation in Europe targeting Muslim women’s outfit, as part of a broad campaign of discrimination against Muslims globally. Many Muslim racial justice, social justice, and [Read More…]

#DietWoke: Capitalizing and Branding Social Justice

Social activism is a noble endeavor requiring a substantial amount of time and energy. Most activists dedicate themselves to their causes in varying capacities, make a host of sacrifices, and endure significant pushback to affect change. In addition to the creating and amplifying platforms to engage actual work on the ground, activists frequently need to create [Read More…]

White Racial Rhetoric & Black American Muslims

Embed from Getty Images [View the story “White Racial Rhetoric & Black American Muslims” on Storify] [Read more…]

American Muslim Women Resist Soft Target Stereotype

  Today’s media is saturated with stories featuring Muslim women targeted by predators infused with hatred.  One consequence of tenacious presentations of Muslim women as victims promotes stereotypes of them as feeble soft targets for anti-Muslim aggression.  8 Muslim women writers and thinkers (including me) share their perspectives about social narratives making them less safe. The [Read More…]

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White, Muslim, American and Hijab-Strong

  Editor’s Note: This piece is a guest post, written by Danielle LoDuca. LoDuca is a third generation American of European descent and writer of the blog The Muslim Next Door. LoDuca’s post is the first in a 3-part series amplifying the voices and perspectives of NbA White Muslim women as members of the American [Read More…]

#MuslimsAtStandingRock Indigenous Peoples’ Day Panel

Join Lakota, Diné, K’iche Spanish speaking Indigenous, and mixed African American-Indigenous Muslims as they discuss identity, Indigenous Rights, systemic racism, and Muslim solidarity at Indigenous People’s Day at Sacred Stone Camp. Hosted by the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative and moderated by Margari Hill, the live stream event will include guest speakers: Imam Zaid Shakir, Zaytuna College LaTanya Barlow Mark [Read More…]

Part of the Problem: Rationalizing Aversion to Black Muslims

By Layla Abdullah-Poulos In the article Let’s Talk About Colorblindness and Racism in The Mosque, Nzinga Muhammad outlines the dual forms of societal and intra-Muslim racism to which Black Muslims are subject and with which they must struggle in their daily lives. Muhammad describes common racist methods imposed upon Black Muslim bodies by their coreligionists [Read More…]

NbA Muslim Photographer Mustafah Abdulaziz Raises Awareness about Global Water Crisis

NbA Muslims are engaged in multifaceted forms of activism to raise awareness about the global water crisis and the need to safeguard invaluable water supplies. Last month, world-renown photographer Mustafah Abdulaziz opened his Water Stories: The Global Crisis in Pictures exhibition. Presented as part of the festival Photoville in Brooklyn Bridge Park,  NY, Water Stories is [Read More…]