Hard Choices of Being Black and Muslim

By Layla Abdullah-Poulos Black Muslims encounter layers of aggression that assail their ability to traverse through society unharassed and with dignity. I was in dire need of safety pins. Although it may seem incredible that a person can be desperate about something like safety pins, I am confident that my Muslim sisters understand the urgency [Read More…]

NbA Muslims’ Post-BHM Reads

  Black History Month is over, but the work to cumulate awareness about and appreciation for the rich heritages and accomplishments of Black Muslims continues. Recognition of Black History Month increases annually in American Muslim communities. Each February, masaajid, Islaamic schools and Muslim organizations offer events and information about the contributions of Muslim and non-Muslim [Read More…]

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Keith Ellison’s DNC Chair Bid and Muslim Social Citizenship

By Layla Abdullah-Poulos First Muslim US congressperson Rep. Keith Ellison formally announced that he would seek to become the next Democratic National Committee chairman. Ellison already received support from notable Democratic Party members, including Sens. Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Chris Murphy, and Amy Klobuchar. While the election for the political party‚Äôs next chair [Read More…]