Five for Friday (8.8.14)

    Here are a few articles to keep you learning through the weekend: 8 Ways the Enemy Attacks Church – true words of wisdom from Thom Rainer. Learning From Young Atheists: What Turned Them Off Christianity – great perspective! Marco Rubio: Intolerance in the Name of Tolerance is Hypocrisy – grateful for a politician [Read More…]

A Lesson from the Moonies

In the 1960s, sociology professor and expert Rodney Stark went to watch the spread of the Moonie cult in San Francisco. From the viewpoint of social science, he wanted to observe how a new and fledgling religion spread in a hostile environment, to better gain an idea about how early Christianity might have spread in [Read More…]

Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption, by Katie Davis

Kisses from Katie wrecked me. I knew a little bit of her story, so I thought I was prepared to hear her heart-wrenching story of life in a third-world country. I was wrong. If you have a soul inside of you, you cannot encounter stories of poor, neglected and abused children fending for themselves in [Read More…]

Five for Friday

Another great week. A few of these links have been out for awhile, but they’re guaranteed to make you think, give you hope, and probably make you a little mad as well. Have a great weekend! Couple Sues in “Wrongful Birth” Lawsuit – read only if you have a strong stomach. I feel so sorry [Read More…]

The Great Mandate

BIG Idea: Tell your story. Have you ever wondered what we’re really here to do? Christians, I mean. After we make that fateful decision, while we’re sitting around waiting for heaven, what are we supposed to do here on earth? Just attend church a bunch of times and rack up extra Jesus points? Live it [Read More…]

Tyndale: The Man Who Gave God an English Voice, by David Teems

William Tyndale is one of the more underrated men in Christian history. Most folks don’t know his name or what he did, but if you speak English, he contributed more to your language than almost any other person, including Shakespeare (who helped the English language flourish on the foundation built by Tyndale). Tyndale was an [Read More…]