7 Things Baptist Associations MUST Do to Revitalize

Baptist Associations are sliding deeper and deeper into irrelevance, but they don’t have to. Here are 7 key steps to revitalization. [Read more…]

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Why Football Season Tears Into Your Church Attendance and What We Can Learn From It

Football season always tears into church attendance. Rather than merely complain again this year, let’s see if we can learn from it. [Read more…]

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5 Reasons Why You Might Want to Kill VBS in Your Church

Yep, let’s go there. [Read more…]

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The Problem With the Church is That We’ve Made Church for Church People

Who is the church for? The answer to that question will help determine the future of the American church. [Read more…]

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5 Things Modern Churches Can Learn from Traditional Churches

Too often modern churches write off traditional churches as archaic and irrelevant, when in fact they can be learning from them. [Read more…]

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The Best Way to Keep High Schoolers Involved In Your Church

What’s the best way to keep high schoolers involved in your church? The answer is simpler than you might think. [Read more…]

5 More Out-of-the-Box Things Southern Baptists Can Do to Jumpstart Growth

More than simply ‘pray for revival’, here are 5 out-of-the-box things Baptists can do to jumpstart growth in our churches. [Read more…]

What Ed Stetzer Gets Right About Southern Baptists (And How to Fix It)

What the Southern Baptist ‘stat guy’ gets right about our decline, and the one thing we must do to fix it. [Read more…]

7 Out-of-the-Box Things Southern Baptists Must Do to Stop the Bleeding and Start Growing Again

If the Southern Baptist Convention is a patient crashing on the operating table, here’s what invasive surgery looks like to attempt to save the life of the SBC: [Read more…]

A Reminder to All Preachers From the Unlikeliest Chapter in Romans

A needed reminder for preachers from the unlikeliest chapter in Romans. [Read more…]