7 Reasons Why Your Marriage is Struggling

Don’t feel guilty about reading this post. Here are 7 reasons your marriage might be struggling. [Read more…]

7 Things You Can Do to Start Divorce-Proofing Your Marriage

Apparently a lot of people are interested in what can wreck a marriage. Yesterday’s post had almost 1000 views in less than 24 hours. Because I’m all about hope, I want to give you seven tangible steps you can take to start divorce-proofing your marriage. These are things I’ve shared with three couples I’ve done [Read More…]

4 Things That Will Wreck Your Marriage If You're Not Careful

No one intentionally sets out to wreck a marriage. Everyone wants your marriage to work, at least at first. That’s why weddings are beautiful and divorce proceedings aren’t. When counseling couples about to get married, I share with them four things that can wreck their marriage if they’re not careful.   1. Family of Origin – How you [Read More…]

1 Worldwide Epidemic You Might Not Expect

Over the past month I’ve seen a worldwide epidemic rear its ugly head three different times. The first was at our graduate recognition service at Mt Vernon. The graduating seniors had an opportunity to thank their parents, and a good number of them said something to the effect of, “I’d like to thank my mom [Read More…]

Story of Hope: Jennifer

Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. —Isaiah 43:18-19 Jennifer grew up in nearby Sturgis—in a middle class, safe, whole family unit, complete [Read More…]

A Cynical View of Why the World Wants You To Get Divorced

Your wedding day is a beautiful, emotional, magnificent promise of what you want your marriage to be. We love weddings. We celebrate weddings. In 2012, the median cost of a wedding was $18,000. That’s a nice wedding! Little girls dream about this day for years! To help you plan this incredible day, there’s an entire [Read More…]

"He's So Lucky He Has a Stepdad!"

It’s eye opening to experience first hand the innocence of youth. Recently a new family moved into our neighborhood. They have boys. That’s a good thing. There are currently 10 boys (now 12) in our neighborhood that play together, roaming around like Hell’s Angels on their Huffys and Schwinns. My oldest, Zeke (7), befriended one of [Read More…]

The Phone Call I Hope I Never Have to Make About Your Marriage

Recently I had to make a phone call that broke my heart. It’s a phone call that I hope I never have to make again. A few years ago a couple came to me for marriage counseling. They had been struggling with issues for years but hadn’t talked to anyone about them. We met several [Read More…]

Why Pastors Like to Stay Indoors

Yesterday was ministry in a nutshell, a microcosm of what many pastors face week in and week out. The first half of the day was idyllic. I cocooned myself inside my office, spread out my Bible, commentaries, online tools and a pen and paper, and went to town. I brainstormed, researched, read, prayed, and planned. [Read More…]

Five for Friday (5.23.14)

Who’s ready for Memorial Day Weekend? Here’s some interesting articles to keep you reading through the holiday. Enjoy! Kirsten Powers: Liberal’s Dark Ages – Must Read! Great article that captures the hypocrisy of the ‘tolerance’ movement. Author Debunks Myths About Divorce Rates, Including of Churchgoers –  Great news for married people! What is the Link [Read More…]