3 Ways We Unintentionally Exclude Those We’re Called to Embrace

It doesn’t matter how many signs you have saying “Guests Welcome.” Churches can still exclude those we’re called to embrace. [Read more…]

5 Ways to Embrace the Messes

In the most famous story Jesus ever told (the Prodigal Son), the climax comes when the wayward son returns home and his father runs out and embraces him, mess and all (Luke 15:20). As followers of Jesus, how can we exhibit the heart of the father and embrace the mess around us? Here are five [Read More…]

The Solution #3 – The Mess

Here is week three in our series The Solution. Enjoy! [Read more…]

A Five-Year-Old, the Concrete & the Mess

A story involving my five-year-old son reminds us what it means to ’embrace the messes.’ Watch the video below: [Read more…]