MTV Family Covenant

This is the family covenant that drives MTVchurch. [Read more…]

4 Ways to Lean Into the Power of Relationships This Christmas

If Christmas is about relationships, not retail, then how can we lean into relationships to have the best Christmas ever? [Read more…]

Give Me All Your Unwanted Babies Please

Share this please. Spread the word. Make this go viral. I’m serious. If you’re a mother in a desperate moment, and if you’re considering doing harm to your child because you can’t take it anymore, please don’t. Contact me. My wife and I will raise your child in a loving, warm, healthy Christian family. Over [Read More…]

3 Simple Ways to Build More Intimacy in Your Family

Life just went from 0 to 100 mph in many households as school has started back and fall sports are about to kick up. In the midst of the busyness of a typical American life, how can you build intimacy your family? How can you make sure the deep connection many of you enjoyed growing up [Read More…]

4 Things That Will Wreck Your Marriage If You're Not Careful

No one intentionally sets out to wreck a marriage. Everyone wants your marriage to work, at least at first. That’s why weddings are beautiful and divorce proceedings aren’t. When counseling couples about to get married, I share with them four things that can wreck their marriage if they’re not careful.   1. Family of Origin – How you [Read More…]

3 Ways to Be Different on Purpose at Home

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” Romans 12:2. Don’t merely reflect the values of this world; change them. Be a change agent. Be different on purpose. Here are three ways you can live this out in your home: 1. Bring God into the home. Don’t [Read More…]

4 Things I've Learned By Having Four Kids

Changing a diaper faster than a NASCAR pit crew. Good life skill to learn. Distinguishing between a real cry and fake cry within the first two seconds. Another good life skill I’ve learned compliments of my four kids. On a more serious note, here are four impactful lessons I’ve learned by having four kids: 1. [Read More…]

When Dads Are in Charge [Video]

Recently on stage we showed what happens when dads are left in charge of the house. Take a moment and watch this funny video, then go hug a mom somewhere! [Read more…]

"Why Did Someone Give Me Away?"

Try answering that question for your seven-year-old adopted son. By all other accounts it was a normal conversation and a normal trip to school. Zeke had just met one of his reading goals at school and I was building him up, really trying to encourage him in his reading. And then Zeke asked the question that [Read More…]

6 Ordinary Things You Can Give Your Kids That Will Have Extraordinary Results.

Here is some incredible parenting advice I learned from Reggie Joiner’s book Playing for Keeps. He makes the argument that the most important commodity you have with your children is time. Time makes what matters matter more. If you give your children six ordinary things consistently over time, you’ll build a legacy in them that [Read More…]