3 Ways We Unintentionally Exclude Those We’re Called to Embrace

It doesn’t matter how many signs you have saying “Guests Welcome.” Churches can still exclude those we’re called to embrace. [Read more…]

3 Mistakes Most Churches Made on Easter

Hopefully your Easter services were incredible and highly attended, but churches who fail to turn Easter guests into regular attenders usually make these three mistakes. [Read more…]

Growing a Church is Seriously This Simple

I know I’ve said this before, but pastors like me make church growth too complicated sometimes. “It’s about the right programs! It’s about the right music! It’s about solid biblical preaching!” All of those things are well and good, but here’s what I’ve experienced: seeing your church grow can sometimes be as simple as knowing a [Read More…]

When You Introduce Yourself to a New Couple the Second Time

It happened to me (again) this past Sunday. That awkward moment when you introduce yourself to a new couple at church, and they tell you they met you last week. Mike and Shelly. I won’t forget their names anytime soon. Here’s how the conversation went:   ME: Hey, I don’t think I’ve met you. My [Read More…]

What Never Ever Ever Gets Old For Me

It’s got to be the way I’m wired, because I know that many people just aren’t this way. But this is how God made me, so I embrace it. What never ever ever gets old for me is meeting new people at church. Mt Vernon is a thriving, growing congregation of several hundred people. In [Read More…]

Five for Friday

Have a great weekend! Thanks for reading this week. If there are any topics in particular you’d like me to write on in the future, email me at josh@mtvchurch.com Will Someone Please Lead Us? – Frustrated by the political climate in Washington? You’re not alone. One Christian leader’s angst expressed for all of us. Three [Read More…]