Stranger Things, Binge-Watching, And What the Church Can Learn From a Powerful Story

Why is Stranger Things doing a better job than the church of captivating people’s attention? It all comes down to how you tell the story. [Read more…]

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What the Church Can Learn From Star Wars

Here’s a powerful truth the church can learn from the movie millions of people will watch this weekend. [Read more…]

Story of Hope: Carlie

Here’s a beautiful story of a life changed by the gospel. Have a great weekend! [Read more…]

Story of Hope: Lincoln

Our three-year-old son (Happy Birthday!) Lincoln isn’t supposed to be here. If you look at our life now you would laugh at the narrative, but Robin and I used to be┬áthe couple who couldn’t have any kids. Robin was a school teacher and I was a youth pastor. We were a good young Christian couple [Read More…]

Story of Hope: Michael and Emily

Need some hope to start your weekend? Watch this baptism video and celebrate with Michael and Emily! [Read more…]

Story of Hope: Brad

Don’t overlook that kid on the margins of your youth group. Here I tell the story of one of the elders of our church and how a youth pastor stood up for him when he was at a critical crossroads growing up. [Read more…]

Hope Story: Zeke and Tomas

There are a lot of similarities between Zeke and Tomas. Both are boys born in the same year. Both love to play sports, learn, and play with their friends. At 8 years old, they are both full of life and bursting with energy. Zeke and Tomas have never met, but their lives are forever intertwined. [Read More…]

There's a Story Behind Every Tragedy

The ladies I get to work with at a local in-treatment facility are nothing but statistics (at least in the world’s eyes). They’re the broken ones, the addicts, the relapsers, the drains on society. Early in ministry it was too easy for me to smugly judge them for messing up their life while on my [Read More…]

This is Why the Church Exists

Sometimes we forget. Sometimes we get caught up in the urgent and forget the most important. Here’s a little reminder: the church doesn’t exist fill a community social calendar. The church doesn’t exist to pander to the preferences of who’s dropping the most cash in the offering plate. The church doesn’t exist as a museum [Read More…]

Blessed to Tell Your Story

Monday we talked about the fact that we all have a God story to tell. A story that is in fact a blessing, although we might not see it as such. In Mark 5 we read the story of a demon possessed man being healed by Jesus. After he was healed, the man wanted to [Read More…]