A Tale of Two Incidents

Yesterday, a seemingly Christian man, in another school shooting, decided to gun down his wife at her job at an elementary school while also killing one child and critically injuring another and then taking his own life. The location of the slaughter was chosen because although she was reportedly hiding from him, he knew she would likely be there and would be defenseless.On the same day, United Airlines became the target of news reports and social media campaigns after a video aired that d … [Read more...]

Six Reasons to Avoid Joining Any Atheist Groups, Local or National

Here are six reasons to avoid joining any Atheist groups, whether local or national:1.  Atheists are treated where I live with full civil equality, so my vote or support for a candidate or issue counts the same as anyone else’s.2. In my part of the world, atheists are treated as the social equal of anyone else, with never a reason to be defensive and no prejudice or stigma directed towards us.3. I’m a dedicated religious person and believer, not an atheist.4. The word “atheist” is … [Read more...]