A Tale of Two Incidents

Yesterday, a seemingly Christian man, in another school shooting, decided to gun down his wife at her job at an elementary school while also killing one child and critically injuring another and then taking his own life. The location of the slaughter was chosen because although she was reportedly hiding from him, he knew she would likely be there and would be defenseless.On the same day, United Airlines became the target of news reports and social media campaigns after a video aired that d … [Read more...]

Time for Self Care

Friends,My apologies for my unexpected time away from this blog.  Basically, the short version of the story is that something awful happened very close to me and it's been incredibly awful for people I care about. I therefore needed to take some time off for some self care and for the care of others.Folks, please be mindful of your mental health, both yours and that of those around you.  And if you have suicidal thoughts or someone known to you is having suicidal thoughts, don't assume i … [Read more...]

The Religious Right’s Bathroom Safety Plan

The issue of trans bathroom equality has been a hot topic lately with states like North Carolina setting the standard for the right wing parade of nonsense about trans people.  The basis for demanding all persons use bathrooms that correspond with the gender on their birth certificates is the notion that without such a law, men in dresses will not only have unfettered access to the women’s restroom, they will act on that supposed freedom.Their intent is to punish the tiny segment of the po … [Read more...]

Democrats in an Iowa County vote to protect non-religion.

Guest post by Amanda Knief, American Atheists' National Legal and Public Policy Director.My family lives in Iowa, where the presidential election either invigorates you or enervates you. For my mom, this year the process has gotten her involved in ways she has not been in many years. She caucused with the Democrats and volunteered to be a delegate at the Black Hawk County convention that was held on Saturday, March 12.Now, my mom is religious but she is also an atheist ally. Those of … [Read more...]

Nothing Fails Like Prayer

A bit more than a week ago, two good people were killed in a horrific accident. These people were community pillars, well known in the community as being incredibly generous and in their tragic passing, they leave behind a young child and friends and family who loved them.The leading response from the community that loved them is to “pray” for them and their families and friends.A few days ago, another good person was involved in a serious accident, from which he luckily escaped with jus … [Read more...]

Paradigm Shift: There Is No Jesus (and There Never Was)

Editor's comment: This is the 7th part in Dr. Frank Zindler's excellent series about the lack of historical evidence for the existence of Jesus as a real person. Please seek out the previous episodes of this compelling and intriguing series here on this blog.Speaking FRANK-ly About Jesus, part 7: Paradigm Shifts and the Parable of the CaveFrank Zindler’s blog dedicated to the thesis that Jesus of Nazareth never existed.Ever since the publication in 1962 of The Structure of Sc … [Read more...]

403 Air Force Basic Trainees Attend Atheist/Humanist Meeting

There is something exciting and unprecedented going on at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. Lackland AFB is part of the conglomerate of Army and Air Force bases collectively known as Joint Base San Antonio and is a training base where thousands of new Air Force recruits receive their initial basic training each year.In July 2013, a trainee, Taylor Grin, with the backing and help of a group of San Antonio and other atheists with military and veteran backgrounds, requested and received access … [Read more...]

Speaking FRANKly Part 6

Speaking FRANK-ly About Jesus Part 6Did Jesus Have a Body?Frank Zindler’s blog dedicated to the thesis that Jesus of Nazareth never existed.  Modern Christians take it for granted that Jesus of Nazareth once existed as a man—a human being. Most modern scholars also accept this as axiomatic, even if they are Atheists who do not believe that Jesus the Man was also a god. The answer to the question ‘Did Jesus have a body?’ would be considered a no-brainer by believers and skeptical s … [Read more...]

Speaking FRANKly Part 5

Speaking FRANK-ly About Jesus Part 5Three More Reasons to Conclude that Nazareth is Geographical FictionFrank Zindler’s blog dedicated to the thesis that Jesus of Nazareth never existedOkay, so I couldn’t count very well. I actually had 22, not 19, reasons to conclude that the town of Nazareth did not exist at the turn of the era when “Jesus of Nazareth” should have been living there. With all my repetition of the point, readers doubtless remember that I am writing this stuff to back … [Read more...]

The secular movement needs you more than ever…

(because cats...)The following was inspired by Facebook commentary by Rick Wingrove, Virginia State Director for American Atheists, as a counterpoint to the idea, expressed in recent articles and on social media, that the atheist movement is beset by sexism and that women are being systematically driven out of the movement.Excerpt from Mr. Wingrove’s comments:“The assertion that the atheist movement is essentially misogynistic reflects a profound misunderstanding of the nature of the … [Read more...]