Remembering Atheists on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance and reflection upon those who have sacrificed their lives while serving their country in the nation’s uniformed services. Among those dead, who represent all religions and ethnicities, there are atheists and other nonbelievers who lived and died beside their religious counterparts, demonstrating that there are indeed “atheists in foxholes” and some of those atheists have died there. Atheists serve for many reasons but they don’t serve for “God and Country”, th … [Read more...]

Onward Christian Soldiers (to Fun in the Sun…)

The Army’s Strong Bonds program “is a unit-based, chaplain-led program which assists commanders in building individual resiliency by strengthening the Army Family. The core mission of the Strong Bonds program is “to increase individual Soldier and Family member readiness through relationship education and skills training. Strong Bonds is conducted in an offsite retreat format in order to maximize the training effect. The retreat or “get away” provides a fun, safe, and secure environment in which … [Read more...]