Creator Connection Required

Recently the mayor of San Antonio, Texas, Ivy Taylor, ignited a controversy when she make a statement in a mayoral candidate forum that seemed to say that persons who don’t believe in a creator are the cause of social ills, are unable to have a good relationship with others, and are not productive members of society. Predictably, we atheists, who don’t have a relationship with a creator and yet manage to be productive people with healthy relationships, took objection to this.It is important t … [Read more...]

A Madman Comes to Power (Part 2)

A guest post by Frank Zindler.   As always, this blog's posters are speaking only for themselves and not for any organization for which they may be affiliated. I have asserted that president-elect Donald J. Trump is certifiably insane. More specifically, I have argued that he suffers from a mental illness known as “Narcissistic Personality Disorder,” and that this not only makes him unfit to be president of the United States of America, it makes him a threat to the very existence of our const … [Read more...]

Disrespecting Princess Leia

A few days ago, the world learned that Carrie Fisher passed away from complications following a massive heart attack she endured on an international flight. As most know, Ms. Fisher is probably best known for her iconic role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise but she also has numerous other acting and writing credits for which she has received praise and even acclaim.I learned of her death when I was browsing a news site article which in addition to discussing Ms. Fisher's life and … [Read more...]

The King of America and the Killing of Hope

I, like half our country, am terrified of what happens next. I’m already grieving for the troops that will be dying overseas a couple of years from now and for the millions of people we are going to kill and displace. I’m grieving for our citizens who will die within our borders, both because our “enemies” have the ability and the motivation to bring the fighting to our soil and because so many millions will lose their medical insurance. I’m grieving for the environment, the climate, and the econ … [Read more...]

Women Beyond Belief: Discovering Life Without Religion (book review)

The following is an excerpt from Women Beyond Belief: Discovering Life without Religion:I met my American husband and moved to the United States at the age of twenty-five. My husband was also an atheist, and while back then it never occurred to me to ask him if he was atheist, in retrospect I understand how important this really was to me. I knew nothing about life in America, and when I moved to Arizona, I had the expectation that life would continue as usual. My goal was to raise a … [Read more...]

Atheist Cruelty Cults: Clicks for Kicks

As always, I'm speaking for myself and my views do not necessarily represent the views of any organization for which I am a past or present member.The internet got interesting this past week for a fellow Patheos blogger, Martin Hughes, over at Barrier Breaker. Martin wrote a piece as a rebuttal against a popular YouTube blogger who calls himself the Amazing Atheist who has developed a giant following mainly by using the internet to post videos that treat people badly. There is very little … [Read more...]

The Reason Rally is a Safe Space (and Yes, Policies Matter)

There is gathering of secular people coming up in Washington DC a week from Saturday. Perhaps you have heard of it. It is called the Reason Rally.The first Reason Rally a few years ago was wildly successful but this one is on the way to becoming truly historic. For perhaps the first time, we have attracted participation from outside the established faces of the movement and are being supported by an amazing cast of famous actors, comedians, scientists, politicians, and so forth. And did I … [Read more...]

The Wonders of a Woman Card

According to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton apparently possesses a superpower called "the woman card" that gives her access to political advantages allegedly denied to the male presidential candidates. It is his contention that without this superpower, she would not otherwise be a viable presidential candidate.I can only assume deployment of the "women card" is a superpower available to all women, but what exactly is the nature of this superpower?  Does it keep women from being sexually … [Read more...]

The Psychology of Religious Nonsense

On its face, religion is nonsense (an omnipotent God who is forced to sacrifice Himself, to Himself, to save humanity from His own wrath), full of contradictions (one god versus the trinity), mystery and miracles, and I think that is deliberate to train followers that they can't rely on their own reason, and must instead accept on faith whatever religious authorities tell them.However one can find a reasonable explanation of religion that makes sense, if they don't take religion's claims at … [Read more...]

Trump’s Twitter account goes fully misogynistic (to the surprise of no one).

If you aren’t appalled by the misogynistic Twitter war between Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, you either aren’t paying attention or you agree with Trump’s apparent position that a woman’s value is exclusively in her looks. He’s pretty much said it throughout his freak show campaign and now he has visually endorsed it.I will not link to the Trump retweet that sparked this missive but the gist of it is that someone posted an unflattering picture of Cruz’s wife Hei … [Read more...]