Let’s Pray Those Guns Away

Another day, another horrific gun attack in America, this time on members of Congress who were conducting an early morning practice in Alexandria, Virginia for an upcoming Congressional baseball game.The injured will be in the thoughts of the persons behind this blog but there (obviously) will be no praying here.There have been prayers said over the thousands of people injured and killed in gun attacks and yet these things keep happening because prayer is useless and not a substitute for … [Read more...]

Zero Tolerance for Zero Tolerance

Winning the battle for atheist civil rights demands we work together to further the advancement of these civil rights and continue to demand the removal of religious beliefs, particularly Christian beliefs, from the privileged legal and social position they hold in America now.  Accomplishing these goals includes embracing and supporting our allies in other nations as well as aligning with potential allies from other causes, especially those who are targeted by those who use their religious be … [Read more...]

Musings on ‘Murica and the nature of cruelty.

(Image via mercycorps.org)When did we become so cruel?When did we become the kind of country where rejection of our own core values is okay? Where the words “bring us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses” are meaningless and where we only want you if you are not tired, you are not poor, you work in the tech or medical industries, and you are Christian?How did we become a country where a top presidential candidate can seriously suggest a registration system for certain classes of … [Read more...]