Since November of last year, my sleep has become increasingly troubled and disturbed. Nearly every night I awaken at the crisis point in a nightmare. Many of the nocturnal terrors are variations on a racing theme. In most of them I am watching a race between Donald Trump’s kleptocrats and various investigative reporters and committees. All of them involve the general question of how much irreversible damage will be done to democratic institutions, how many Americans will die, how greatly will i … [Read more...]

A Madman Comes to Power (Part 2)

A guest post by Frank Zindler.   As always, this blog's posters are speaking only for themselves and not for any organization for which they may be affiliated. I have asserted that president-elect Donald J. Trump is certifiably insane. More specifically, I have argued that he suffers from a mental illness known as “Narcissistic Personality Disorder,” and that this not only makes him unfit to be president of the United States of America, it makes him a threat to the very existence of our const … [Read more...]

A Madman Comes to Power

A Madman Comes to Power:  A guest post by Frank Zindler.It is the greatest Constitutional crisis our nation has faced since the Civil War. A madman is soon to enter the Oval Office. His mission is not to assassinate a sitting president; it is much more serious than that. His mission is that of the madman who burnt the Reichstag and swept away the trappings of democracy — paving the way for a frighteningly different type of government to come to power. Although our new government will have th … [Read more...]

Fake Jesus Forgeries

Speaking FRANK-ly About Jesus: Critique of alleged evidence of the historicity of Jesus of Nazareth.(Ed. Note: This is the 28th post in Frank Zindler's Speaking Frankly About Jesus blog which is dedicated to the thesis that Jesus of Nazareth never existed. This is part T of a mini series debunking "The Myth of the Mythical Jesus".)Lies: So short in stating, so long in negating!As we get closer and closer to the end of our critique of Philip Jenkins’ lengthy blog “The Myth of the Myt … [Read more...]

Women Beyond Belief: Discovering Life Without Religion (book review)

The following is an excerpt from Women Beyond Belief: Discovering Life without Religion:I met my American husband and moved to the United States at the age of twenty-five. My husband was also an atheist, and while back then it never occurred to me to ask him if he was atheist, in retrospect I understand how important this really was to me. I knew nothing about life in America, and when I moved to Arizona, I had the expectation that life would continue as usual. My goal was to raise a … [Read more...]

The Killing of Democracy

(Editor's comments:  The views expressed in this or any other post are those of the author and not of any particular organization.)How to kill a Country’s Democracy without the Country knowing it has died.The greatest crimes are the ones committed without anyone ever realizing a crime has been committed. Examples of this are the thief who can embezzle money without being caught because he can cook the books to make the numbers look as if they came out even. Or, the murderer who can make t … [Read more...]

How Should Atheists Approach Activism?

I have pretty good reason to think that most—but assuredly not all—atheists see approaching atheism and secularism in American society more or less the same way I do. Most of us support a strong separation of state and religion; somewhat more broadly, we also insist on dissenting from default notions such as that Christianity should be considered more moral or more desirable unless proven otherwise. Most of the atheists I know—and there is every reason to think there’s a systematic bias in which … [Read more...]

The Wonders of a Woman Card

According to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton apparently possesses a superpower called "the woman card" that gives her access to political advantages allegedly denied to the male presidential candidates. It is his contention that without this superpower, she would not otherwise be a viable presidential candidate.I can only assume deployment of the "women card" is a superpower available to all women, but what exactly is the nature of this superpower?  Does it keep women from being sexually … [Read more...]

Trump’s Twitter account goes fully misogynistic (to the surprise of no one).

If you aren’t appalled by the misogynistic Twitter war between Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, you either aren’t paying attention or you agree with Trump’s apparent position that a woman’s value is exclusively in her looks. He’s pretty much said it throughout his freak show campaign and now he has visually endorsed it.I will not link to the Trump retweet that sparked this missive but the gist of it is that someone posted an unflattering picture of Cruz’s wife Hei … [Read more...]

Democrats in an Iowa County vote to protect non-religion.

Guest post by Amanda Knief, American Atheists' National Legal and Public Policy Director.My family lives in Iowa, where the presidential election either invigorates you or enervates you. For my mom, this year the process has gotten her involved in ways she has not been in many years. She caucused with the Democrats and volunteered to be a delegate at the Black Hawk County convention that was held on Saturday, March 12.Now, my mom is religious but she is also an atheist ally. Those of … [Read more...]