Since November of last year, my sleep has become increasingly troubled and disturbed. Nearly every night I awaken at the crisis point in a nightmare. Many of the nocturnal terrors are variations on a racing theme. In most of them I am watching a race between Donald Trump’s kleptocrats and various investigative reporters and committees. All of them involve the general question of how much irreversible damage will be done to democratic institutions, how many Americans will die, how greatly will i … [Read more...]

Trump’s Kremlin Crew

A guest post by Frank Zindler. A MADMAN COMES TO POWER PART 4: TRUMP’S KREMLIN CREW  Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence.Three times is enemy action.—Ian Fleming In Part 3 of this series of blog postings I presented strong evidence implicating not only Donald Trump’s participation in a pro-Putin conspiracy, but also the high likelihood that his National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn was involved as well. According to Ian Fleming, this could just be a coincid … [Read more...]

A Madman Comes to Power (Part 3)

A guest post by Frank Zindler.During the Republican primaries and the general election campaign of 2016, Donald Trump’s outré behavior and comments caused many careful observers and analysts to notice that there was something particularly unusual in his public statements concerning Russia and its strongman Vladimir Putin. Trump never had anything but praise for Putin, and Putin was reciprocating in a very flattering way. Then it became apparent that Trump’s bucket list of “things to do” was i … [Read more...]

A Madman Comes to Power

A Madman Comes to Power:  A guest post by Frank Zindler.It is the greatest Constitutional crisis our nation has faced since the Civil War. A madman is soon to enter the Oval Office. His mission is not to assassinate a sitting president; it is much more serious than that. His mission is that of the madman who burnt the Reichstag and swept away the trappings of democracy — paving the way for a frighteningly different type of government to come to power. Although our new government will have th … [Read more...]

An Open Letter to Mitch McConnell

Editor’s comment: The election cycle news has pushed this very important issue out of the news cycle and the public eye. It is very important that this issue not get lost in the election shuffle.An open letter from Ed Buckner to Mitch McConnell:So, Mitch McConnell, this has nought to do with me being an atheist, but I have some real questions about your opposition to holding hearings or even considering a nomination for Associate Justice of the Court by Barack Obama. (As I write t … [Read more...]

A Cruz crap-fest…..

The presidential primary season is firmly engaged with the completion of the Iowa caucuses two nights ago and so far, it’s proven to be a victorious night for the right leaning nut jobs. For those who missed it (although I don’t see how), Donald Trump found himself firmly beaten by Ted Cruz, whose evangelical base of paranoid nut jobs apparently came out in force.I admit, I’ve been somewhat ignoring Ted Cruz because I’ve been distracted by the outrageous traveling clown-car show that is the D … [Read more...]