Sunday Rant: Prayer Fails

A sweet friend who is very dear to me is going through a really tough time right now. She is very religious and prayerful and to cope with her issues, she often calls for prayers. She asks for prayers from her church, her wide circle of friends, and sends out regular calls for prayers on social media. She is a lovely and generous person and if anyone deserves a little luck, it is her.However, she clearly believes that in order to get help from her deity, she has to convince enough of her … [Read more...]

Nothing Fails Like Prayer

A bit more than a week ago, two good people were killed in a horrific accident. These people were community pillars, well known in the community as being incredibly generous and in their tragic passing, they leave behind a young child and friends and family who loved them.The leading response from the community that loved them is to “pray” for them and their families and friends.A few days ago, another good person was involved in a serious accident, from which he luckily escaped with jus … [Read more...]