A Madman Comes to Power (Part 3)

A guest post by Frank Zindler.During the Republican primaries and the general election campaign of 2016, Donald Trump’s outré behavior and comments caused many careful observers and analysts to notice that there was something particularly unusual in his public statements concerning Russia and its strongman Vladimir Putin. Trump never had anything but praise for Putin, and Putin was reciprocating in a very flattering way. Then it became apparent that Trump’s bucket list of “things to do” was i … [Read more...]

The King of America and the Killing of Hope

I, like half our country, am terrified of what happens next. I’m already grieving for the troops that will be dying overseas a couple of years from now and for the millions of people we are going to kill and displace. I’m grieving for our citizens who will die within our borders, both because our “enemies” have the ability and the motivation to bring the fighting to our soil and because so many millions will lose their medical insurance. I’m grieving for the environment, the climate, and the econ … [Read more...]

Medical Care is a Human Right

Last night, a close relative went to the emergency room by ambulance. The medical reasons are not relevant and she was treated and released after a few hours to go home with appointments for follow up care.This person is one of the lucky Americans who has good medical insurance so this emergency is not going to lead to her financial ruin. Her insurance, like that of most Americans who have good insurance, is entirely tied to her employment and is only affordable because of her … [Read more...]

The Killing of Democracy

(Editor's comments:  The views expressed in this or any other post are those of the author and not of any particular organization.)How to kill a Country’s Democracy without the Country knowing it has died.The greatest crimes are the ones committed without anyone ever realizing a crime has been committed. Examples of this are the thief who can embezzle money without being caught because he can cook the books to make the numbers look as if they came out even. Or, the murderer who can make t … [Read more...]

The Orlando Tragedy: A Faith Based Initiative

Orlando is just the most recent example of religious terrorism in a long, sad stream of similar events. The root cause is faith.Faith is the acceptance of knowledge claims founded in desire rather than evidence. Based in emotion, faith is not a reliable method for determining truth. Satisfying a need for deep emotional comfort and meaning, faith can easily overwhelm evidence, logic, and reason. Believers offer all sorts of rationalizations for their particular faith, but the need for faith … [Read more...]

A Christian Privilege Thought Exercise

Christian (and Other Theistic) Rights and Privileges—2016 EditionBy Ed BucknerAfter a few postings back and forth on another site—Yabberz—one of my interlocutors (who goes by the name Rache511) posted the following questions/comments to me. She was far more courteous than some who argue with me and she graciously consented to my using her post here. I recommend Yabberz and that you read posts by Rache511 if you visit. I’ll send a link to this to her and other Yabberz folks, who may want t … [Read more...]

Radicals and Rights

There is much anxiety in the news today about the threat posed by radicals, especially radical Islamists. The book "Rules for Radicals" by Saul Alinsky is blamed for discord, with the charge that it has been used by revolutionaries around the globe to change or overthrow existing governments. Radicals are generally thought to be suspicious trouble makers. It's a bum rap.Historically radical doesn't necessarily mean bad. The word simply means favoring fundamental change. Galileo, Copernicus … [Read more...]

The Psychology of Religious Nonsense

On its face, religion is nonsense (an omnipotent God who is forced to sacrifice Himself, to Himself, to save humanity from His own wrath), full of contradictions (one god versus the trinity), mystery and miracles, and I think that is deliberate to train followers that they can't rely on their own reason, and must instead accept on faith whatever religious authorities tell them.However one can find a reasonable explanation of religion that makes sense, if they don't take religion's claims at … [Read more...]

Democrats in an Iowa County vote to protect non-religion.

Guest post by Amanda Knief, American Atheists' National Legal and Public Policy Director.My family lives in Iowa, where the presidential election either invigorates you or enervates you. For my mom, this year the process has gotten her involved in ways she has not been in many years. She caucused with the Democrats and volunteered to be a delegate at the Black Hawk County convention that was held on Saturday, March 12.Now, my mom is religious but she is also an atheist ally. Those of … [Read more...]

The secular movement needs you more than ever…

(because cats...)The following was inspired by Facebook commentary by Rick Wingrove, Virginia State Director for American Atheists, as a counterpoint to the idea, expressed in recent articles and on social media, that the atheist movement is beset by sexism and that women are being systematically driven out of the movement.Excerpt from Mr. Wingrove’s comments:“The assertion that the atheist movement is essentially misogynistic reflects a profound misunderstanding of the nature of the … [Read more...]