Blame the Victim: A Review of ‘The Most Hated Woman in America’

(Editor's comment:  This is a very passionate account by a man who knew Madalyn Murray O'Hair as a dear friend and partner in activism.  Mr. Zindler is not speaking for American Atheists but he is speaking from the heart and is expressing the tremendous amount of grief the recent Netflix film about Madalyn caused him).A Review of The Most Hated Woman in America, a Netflix film directed by Tommy O’Haver and written by Tommy O’Haver and Irene Turner (24 March, 2017).By Frank R. Zindler, for … [Read more...]

Creator Connection Required

Recently the mayor of San Antonio, Texas, Ivy Taylor, ignited a controversy when she make a statement in a mayoral candidate forum that seemed to say that persons who don’t believe in a creator are the cause of social ills, are unable to have a good relationship with others, and are not productive members of society. Predictably, we atheists, who don’t have a relationship with a creator and yet manage to be productive people with healthy relationships, took objection to this.It is important t … [Read more...]

Texas floods, fakes, and falsehoods..

This is a picture of fossilized oyster shells which are among thousands of similar shells located in a fossil bed in central Texas which is obviously a long way from any current coastline:This picture was not taken at fossil dig; it was taken in my own central Texas backyard.As any school child can tell you, assuming they weren’t educated at one of the many scientifically inferior school systems in Texas, these fossils were deposited when the area now known as Texas was covered by a … [Read more...]

The Brewing Texas (Education) Apocalypse

(Editor's Comment: This photo is proof that harmless looking people can be incredibly dangerous.)Republican voters in Texas are on the verge of electing a woman to the school board who believes school shootings are caused by the absence of overt Christian prayers and the 10 commandments, that climate change is a hoax, and that teaching evolution supports the “atheist religion”.This is a potential disaster, not just for Texas, but for every educational system in the country due to the lar … [Read more...]

Eat a cookie, support abortions (or more from the WTF files…)

I don’t know if boycotting Girl Scout cookies on the basis of the Girl Scout’s perceived (and fictional) relationship with Planned Parenthood is still a thing for 2016 but I know through at least 2014, there were several Texas anti-abortion groups that were organizing these boycotts. Recently, my attention was drawn (or redrawn) to this issue by the circulation this year of a Facebook meme urging the boycott but as far as I know, these boycotts have never gathered much attention or caused much ha … [Read more...]

Vandalism as a Christian Virtue….

In a fine example of religious tolerance, a civic-minded atheist group, Orange County Atheists of Orange County, Texas, had their Adopt-A-Highway signs vandalized for the second time.Here is a photo history (with thanks to Joshua Hammers for providing the photos).A sign in its intact state:After the first vandalism incident:After the second vandalism incident:This is yet another reminder that it is not enough for the Christian majority to enjoy and demand … [Read more...]

More Texas prayer warriors for Jesus

Members and supporters of an organization called Concerned Christian Citizens of Central Texas recently gathered outside the Killeen ISD school board to protest a complaint lodged earlier by the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF).  According to an article in the Killeen Daily Herald on August 30, 2015, the FFRF filed their complaint against the Killeen ISD board for their unconstitutional practice of opening their board meetings with a prayer. The Concerned Citizens subsequently delivered … [Read more...]