A Tale of Two Incidents

Yesterday, a seemingly Christian man, in another school shooting, decided to gun down his wife at her job at an elementary school while also killing one child and critically injuring another and then taking his own life. The location of the slaughter was chosen because although she was reportedly hiding from him, he knew she would likely be there and would be defenseless.On the same day, United Airlines became the target of news reports and social media campaigns after a video aired that d … [Read more...]

A Madman Comes to Power (Part 3)

A guest post by Frank Zindler.During the Republican primaries and the general election campaign of 2016, Donald Trump’s outré behavior and comments caused many careful observers and analysts to notice that there was something particularly unusual in his public statements concerning Russia and its strongman Vladimir Putin. Trump never had anything but praise for Putin, and Putin was reciprocating in a very flattering way. Then it became apparent that Trump’s bucket list of “things to do” was i … [Read more...]

A Madman Comes to Power (Part 2)

A guest post by Frank Zindler.   As always, this blog's posters are speaking only for themselves and not for any organization for which they may be affiliated. I have asserted that president-elect Donald J. Trump is certifiably insane. More specifically, I have argued that he suffers from a mental illness known as “Narcissistic Personality Disorder,” and that this not only makes him unfit to be president of the United States of America, it makes him a threat to the very existence of our const … [Read more...]

A Madman Comes to Power

A Madman Comes to Power:  A guest post by Frank Zindler.It is the greatest Constitutional crisis our nation has faced since the Civil War. A madman is soon to enter the Oval Office. His mission is not to assassinate a sitting president; it is much more serious than that. His mission is that of the madman who burnt the Reichstag and swept away the trappings of democracy — paving the way for a frighteningly different type of government to come to power. Although our new government will have th … [Read more...]

A Plague of Angry Christians

Yesterday, during a spell when I momentarily forgot how angry Christians tend to be this time of year, I group-texted a dinner invite to a fairly wide circle of reasonably close friends with the intent of making sure everyone had a fun, safe place to be for a holiday meal on Sunday. My text went like this: Everybody have some place to be and have dinner with on Xmas day? We have room at our place. Just let me know so we can plan food, otherwise everybody have a great Xmas weekend! This is what … [Read more...]

The King of America and the Killing of Hope

I, like half our country, am terrified of what happens next. I’m already grieving for the troops that will be dying overseas a couple of years from now and for the millions of people we are going to kill and displace. I’m grieving for our citizens who will die within our borders, both because our “enemies” have the ability and the motivation to bring the fighting to our soil and because so many millions will lose their medical insurance. I’m grieving for the environment, the climate, and the econ … [Read more...]

Atheist Cruelty Cults: Clicks for Kicks

As always, I'm speaking for myself and my views do not necessarily represent the views of any organization for which I am a past or present member.The internet got interesting this past week for a fellow Patheos blogger, Martin Hughes, over at Barrier Breaker. Martin wrote a piece as a rebuttal against a popular YouTube blogger who calls himself the Amazing Atheist who has developed a giant following mainly by using the internet to post videos that treat people badly. There is very little … [Read more...]

Bathroom Battles and Potty Politics

Last night, I had a chance to talk with a couple of folks from North Carolina about the anti-trans bathroom policies in that state. They were complaining about what they described as unfair treatment by the businesses and entertainers that elected to pull their economic activities away from North Carolina and claimed their state was being "misunderstood". They said all the state wanted to do was to make sure that when women go into a women's bathroom, the only other people in there are women. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Twitter account goes fully misogynistic (to the surprise of no one).

If you aren’t appalled by the misogynistic Twitter war between Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, you either aren’t paying attention or you agree with Trump’s apparent position that a woman’s value is exclusively in her looks. He’s pretty much said it throughout his freak show campaign and now he has visually endorsed it.I will not link to the Trump retweet that sparked this missive but the gist of it is that someone posted an unflattering picture of Cruz’s wife Hei … [Read more...]

Texas floods, fakes, and falsehoods..

This is a picture of fossilized oyster shells which are among thousands of similar shells located in a fossil bed in central Texas which is obviously a long way from any current coastline:This picture was not taken at fossil dig; it was taken in my own central Texas backyard.As any school child can tell you, assuming they weren’t educated at one of the many scientifically inferior school systems in Texas, these fossils were deposited when the area now known as Texas was covered by a … [Read more...]