Religious Fundamentalism and Sexuality Project

I’m posting here a short bit from Sierra’s blog – the phoenix and the olive branch – about a new project she is undertaking. It’s called the Religious Fundamentalism and Sexuality Project. I would encourage anyone that feels led to participate to contact Sierra through her blog to say you’d like to help out. I have a feeling it’s going to be eye opening and informative!


If you are interested in participating in a blog series on religious fundamentalism and sexuality, read on! Below are the questions and the guidelines for the project.  Borrowing the format of Libby Anne’s Raised Quiverfull project, I’ll be posting each question and its set of answers multiple times a week, starting June 25. If you feel that you’ll need more time than this to answer the questions, please let me know early.


This project is not limited to the adult children of fundamentalist families. Adults who entered fundamentalism after growing up are also welcome. Those who have grown up in more mainstream evangelical Christianity, or another religion, are also welcome to contribute. If you feel that this project applies to you and you’re interested in taking part, you are more than welcome!

I really look forward to reading your responses and sharing them in a few weeks. Thank you all again, and I hope this project will be useful to you in your own thinking about religion and sexuality. Please don’t hesitate to email me if anything below is unclear.

Comments/questions open below

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