Can you TELL? or, Lies I Believed About Women’s Reproduction

by Sierra Contrary to the popular Shakira song, hips totally do lie. Ever since Todd Akin’s remarks about women’s bodies’ magical powers to repel the sperm of rapists sent echoes of shock reverberating through the mainstream media, pieces of similar doctrines have bubbled back up into my memory. Akin’s views did not surprise me, as [Read More...]

Millipede Part 29

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Mama’s Choice – Part 6: Inception


by Vyckie Garrison Ever since I watched the movie, Inception, I’ve wanted to shout to the world, Wow – that happened to me! And here I thought Quiverfull was my own idea all along!! If you haven’t seen the movie, here’s a quick summary: “Inception” is the implantation of another person’s idea into a target’s [Read More...]

What Do Quiverfull Christians Believe About Birth Control?

by Vyckie Garrison Here you go; all the teachings from Jan & Rick Hess, Nancy Campbell, Mary Pride, Bill Gothard, Charles Provan, Jonathan Lindvall, S.M. Davis, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Voddie Baucham, R.C. Sproul Jr., Doug & Beall Phillips, Sherry Hayes, Chris & Wendy Jeub, Steve & Teri Maxwell, Jennie Chancey, Stacey McDonald, Jim Bob & Michelle [Read More...]

Toddlerhood: Part 2

by Mari Christmas Mom’s family had a big ol’ family reunion at Christmas that year. My great-grandma turned 80 two days before Christmas and my family threw a big party. Everybody showed up. I don’t know a lot about this party, but from memories I’ve pieced together, I get the impression that we had a [Read More...]