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Everyone should sign this petition. HSLDA believes convicted child abusers have the “right” to homeschool and have turned a blind eye to abuse in the homeschooling community for decades. They are messaged with the number of signatures this petition gets. Please tell them that it is not ok to hide abuse.

HSLDA, an organization with revenues of over $10 million a year which purports to “advocate for homeschooling”, has fought to weaken protections and enforcement against child abuse and neglect, to allow abusive and negligent parents to withdraw their children from school, and to weaken children’s legal rights, while publicly defending the character of convicted child abusers who homeschool their children.

All children deserve to be treated humanely and with respect. No child should have to live in fear of abuse or neglect.

As former homeschool students, homeschooling parents, and community allies, we demand that HSLDA takes a stand against child abuse and neglect in homeschooling families.


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  • Rob Shearer

    “HSLDA believes convicted child abusers have the “right” to homeschool.”

    I think you should provide a source for this. Link?

  • Retha Faurie

    I also say a source for every negative thing said about them will give your petition more credibility. I believe you, I signed, but you may need more evidence to convince others.

  • Mary Chance

    I have to say this sounds absolutely terrible but I am skeptical.Is there a higher rate of abuse in homeschooled children than in publicly schooled children? Does the HSLDA make a point of seeking out families who have been convicted of serious bodily harm against children and defend their right to continue that abuse? While I was homeschooled and homeschool my children I am not a member of HSLDA for various reasons, however I have yet to see any evidence of the claims you are making. If you can back them up with objective evidence I’d be happy to change my mind and sign. If these claims cannot be backed up or if you’re discussing a few isolated cases that do not reflect the wider culture what you risk is demonizing an entire valid and important parenting choice that is often already under fire by those who want to control our children for their own gain

  • Madame

    I agree that we need evidence of these claims.

  • NeaDods

    Please specify the precise number of children who need to be abused before you stop considering their cases “isolated.” Please explain how anything to deal with public school relates to how home schoolers deal with the home schooled. Please also explain how coming out *against* child abuse equals “demonizing an entire valid and important parenting choice.” Particularly that last – because by saying that abuse doesn’t matter if if it’s “a few isolated cases,” that abuse doesn’t count if you can point to other abuse elsewhere, and that a home school agency being against abuse is “demonizing” homeschooling you ARE specifying that you, personally, are just peachy with kids being abused.

    Why is public school even coming into this particular conversation? It’s like saying “It doesn’t matter that Jack Schaap raped a teenager, because those boys in Stubenville raped a teenager.”

  • Libby Anne

    I’ve written about HSLDA’s opposition to a bill that would require those with substantiated child abuse claims made against them to have additional monitoring when they remove their children from public school to begin homeschooling:

    I’ve also written about HSLDA’s defense of the right to homeschool of a couple convicted of child neglect leading to the death of a child:

    And I’ve written about HSLDA’s opposition to ANY regulations whatsoever except requiring parents to notify their local schools that they plan to homeschool when they withdraw their children from school (note: this is not the same as requiring homeschool parents to register their home schools, something HSLDA adamantly opposes). This means that HSLDA is against regulations that keep convicted child abusers from homeschooling:

  • Libby Anne

    I would actually suggest you poke around this site for answers to these questions:

    I would also point out that pointing out that there is abuse and that we need to find a better way to prevent it is *not* the same as demonizing homeschooling. If anything, dealing with the problems of child abuse and educational neglect within homeshooling will make the movement stronger.

  • Madame

    Thanks for all those links, Libby Anne!
    I support homeschool monitoring by an outside agency, but inside agencies, such as the HSLDA, should be strongly opposed to any form of abuse or neglect, not clamoring for rights for parents who have abused them.

  • Madame

    Libby Anne has shared evidence of these claims. It’s sickening….

  • Rob Shearer

    Thank you!
    Count me among those who are deeply disturbed.

    Though I do think it possible that attorney Somerville is being quoted out of context. If all I knew about a set of parents was that they had adopted multiple special needs children, I might characterize them as heroes as well. I doubt very much he would have used that adjective had he known about the abuse. Did he make his comment before or after the abuse was discovered/known?

    Still… there is a problem here.

  • Victoria 1

    Who do you believe wants to control your children for their own gain?
    I must admit, that sounds a bit paranoid.