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Introducing Our Non-Profit Organization, HARO

Homeschoolers Anonymous is a cooperative project by former homeschoolers. We are an inclusive community interested in sharing our experiences growing up in the conservative, Christian homeschooling subculture. From the Quiverfull movement to the betrothal/courtship mentality to Generation Joshua and the dominionist attitudes of HSLDA, we are survivors. And we are standing together to make our voices heard. We want the world to hear our stories and we want to give hope to those who are still immersed in that world.

Homeschoolers Anonymous is expanding to become a non-profit organization called HARO — Homeschool Alumni Reaching Out. HARO’s goals is improve homeschooling communities for future generations by educating homeschooling families about abuse and self-injury, building financial and emotional support for the next generation, and continuing to share our stories and experiences.

We began an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to kickstart HARO on July 26, 2013. To donate, please visit our Indiegogo page.

For more information, read here about HARO’s upcoming projectsour founding board members, and our fundraising campaign.

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