Slouching Towards Bethlehem & Other Thoughts

Our founder Vyckie Garrison and NLQ got a nice mention in a Huffington Post Article written by Clay Farris Naff  – Slouching Towards Bethelem: Putin, Religion and the Second Coming of Fascism The article nicely ties together some of the ongoing news stories involving world politics with religion, putting together the puzzle pieces in a way not many have considered. Very good read.

Another great unusual article that came out recently linking Fundamentalism, Patriarchy and world events came from Taylor Joy Recovers – How Quiverfull Speech Can Crash Airplanes

Our friend from Homeschoolers Anonymous R.L. Stollar wrote an excellent piece on the failures of evangelicalism and the church in how they think and treat those who suffer from depression or any form of mental illness. At Overturning Tables – Jesus Is Not Our Zoloft: Reflections on Mental Health and the Church

If you haven’t been by Homeschoolers Anonymous in a while be sure to check out their new series – When Homeschoolers Turn Violent It’s a fascinating read.

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NLQ Recommended Reading …

Breaking Their Will: Shedding Light on Religious Child Maltreatment‘ by Janet Heimlich

Quivering Daughters‘ by Hillary McFarland

Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement‘ by Kathryn Joyce


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