News: Parents Hide Sexual Abuse of Girl For Ten Years

It’s ironic that Great Homeschool Conventions will not allow Ryan Stollar of HARO and Homeschoolers Anonymous to speak at their convention but they are likely to defend people like the Jackson family of Perquimans County, North Carolina. Better to protect even abusers than allow someone advocating for the rights of homeschool children.

The Jacksons are a homeschooling family near Wake Forest, North Carolina. It appears they have used the extreme isolation of homeschooling in an effort to not only hide their six sons sexual abuse of their younger sister, but to also evade law enforcement and any government contact.

Apparently the mother knew what was going on and did nothing.

“Part of the investigation revealed that, at one point, the mother observed some of this activity and never did anything about it,” Tilley said of the charges against the parents.

Tilley described the family as “bizarre” and said he believes the father is “anti-government” and “anti-schools.”

“The children were home schooled with very limited education,” said the sheriff. “They were very private and the whole yard has a fence around it — like a little compound. They’re very different.”

The Huffington Post has a detailed article about this family and their cult-like actions. One of the only reasons the abuse was discovered is because one of the sons told his pastor about it and that pastor called law enforcement.

Alright HSLDA, GHC and other homeschooling organizations, explain why transparency, educational standards and protections for homeschooled children aren’t a good thing?

Read the entire article at The Huffington Post – Parents, 6 Sons, Accused Of Sexually Abusing Girl For Nearly a Decade

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