There Is No "You" in Qivering: He Preferred Crest

by LauraI have seen comments here on the blog that say that Vyckie and I chose this lifestye. That it was a conscious decision on our parts to live this QF/P life. I can only speak for myself and I can attest that it was definitely NOT a conscious decision on my part. I took what was the “frog in the pot of hot water” path. It is said that if you put a frog into a pot of cool water he will be content to sit there enjoying his soak in the “tub”. Turn up some heat under the pot and the frog will not notice. He won't notice that the water has become warmer and warmer until the water is too hot for him to survive. By then it is too late. He is boiled.I came into the QF/P lifestyle in much t … [Read more...]

When am I supposed to sleep…?

 by LauraWhen my 11th baby was born, he had feeding issues. He just wasn't getting the hang of nursing and I think my “plumbing” was getting a bit worn out. After two weeks of trying and trying and him crying and crying, I took him to a Lactation Clinic an hour and a half away. The nurses and doctors were wonderful and remembered me from the last time I had a baby with these problems. They told me that I needed to use a breast pump every two hours all day and every 4 hours at night and keep track of how much milk I was making and feed every drop to my baby and supplement him with formula so he would gain weight.Now, being a QF mom, I felt that bottles and formula equaled failure. I mean, … [Read more...]

Sing, sing a song….

by LauraNow I sing what ever I want.....and I play guitar when I sing.....and no one chooses the songs for me....and my husband appreciates and enjoys it when ever I pick up my guitar. So nice.I have always been a singer. Some people would say “I've got the music in me”. I loved to sing but never had the “stick-to-it-iveness” to learn an instrument. I tried many but they just took too long to learn! But my voice was already there and I already knew how to use it. I couldn't read music much past “follow the bouncing ball” but that was okay. I sang the lead in 2 musicals in high school and had dreams of being a rock star!I met my ex husband on the set of our high school's … [Read more...]

What's That I Feel?

  Several people have told me that I looked sooooooooo tired and worn out in the photo I used with this post. It's true ~ for years I was seriously exhausted and felt like it would be so easy to die ~ all I had to do was surrender to that feeling of being completely spent...Now that I am "No Longer Quivering" ~ that's all changed and I have my health back ~ Hooray.I remember when I first realized that the horrendous stress I'd been under for so many years was mostly relieved and my nerves were beginning to recover.I was out at the mall with the children on a Saturday afternoon. Something about me just didn't feel quite right. I wasn't sick ~ or dizzy ~ What was I feeling? As we walked … [Read more...]

Three Lilacs and a Statue

by LauraI had 9 perfectly normal pregnancies and deliveries. Well, my ninth baby was premature but things worked out fine and we had her at home and kept her at home. She was just a bit on the tiny side but all went fine.Over the course of the next 2 years, I experienced 3 devastating miscarriages. One right after the other. I was stunned. My body had never betrayed me like this before. I never had trouble conceiving or bearing children. Why was this happening to me? I had never felt this kind of hurt, this bereavement. As a Christian, I comforted myself with the thought that ultimately we all wanted our children to end up in heaven, right? Well, I had 3 that had made it there safely … [Read more...]

The Amazing Bosch Universal Mixer

by LauraWhen I was living on the farm we grew almost all of our own food. We planted our own wheat and then harvested it with a pull type combine hooked up to our antique John Deere 70 tractor. We had a hand cranked fanning mill (another antique) to clean the wheat which was quite the operation. One of the bigger kids would crank the giant handle to produce the wind and shaking needed to send that wheat through the fanning mill screens and discard all the impurities. Well almost all. Inevitably there would be little bits of “stuff” that was the same size and shape as the wheat berries that would escape the cleaning process.With our home grown organic wheat berries in hand, I would get o … [Read more...]