Before There Was Me: Part 4

by Mari And Then There  Were Two My second brother, Andrew was born nearly two years after Jonathan. Today, I’d say my favorite part about Andy is that he’s daddy to a special little 2-year old girl and a precious 3-week old baby girl. And of course, husband to a wonderful lady. Another thing I [Read More...]

Millipede: Part 26

by Millipede I stood there looking at my ex turned “roommate”.  By either title, I would be stuck with his problems. Winter and all it’s problems loomed ahead. For some reason, I thought of the book,The Shinning. The description of Danny’s thoughts as he realizes that the hotel is haunted and that he and his [Read More...]

“Biblical” Parenting, Criticism #2: An Extremely Controlling Parent

by Latebloomer To briefly review, my first criticism of Reb Bradley’s book “Child Training Tips” discussed the way his advice pushed parents toward the worst possible interpretation of their child’s behavior at the expense of mercy and understanding.  Now here is my second criticism. Criticism #2:   Parents are urged to exercise an extreme level [Read More...]

Before There Was Me: Part 3

by Mari The House I’d like to take a moment to thank my parents for making my story an easy one to tell. I say “easy” because when they picked their nest, they stuck with it — and that has made dividing my life into chapters really simple. Well, at least for this particular part [Read More...]

“Biblical” Parenting, Criticism #1: A Parent Who Assumes The Worst

by Latebloomer The task of reviewing Reb Bradley’s book “Child Training Tips” has been a lot more challenging than I expected.  First of all, where do I start when I disagree with almost every sentence that this book contains?  I can find almost no common ground on which to begin.  And how can I explain [Read More...]