Mitt Romney Tells College Students To Fill Their Quivers

by Calulu Recently failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney showed up in my state to speak to the graduating class of Southern Virginia University.  Turns out that the school near Lynchburg [Read more...]

Come To Jesus?


…or How Not To Witness To An Atheist/Agnostic – by Calulu As I’ve said before I wasn’t raised Quiverfull or even as a fundamentalist or believer. Through the years I kept being subjected to people trying to witness to me, giving that old altar call, tap dancing towards salvation, come to Jesus sonny boy father [Read More...]

Jimmy Swaggart and Me

Jimmy Swaggart Crying

by Calulu Crossposted from My Cult Life Warning! Salty language & disrespecting of religious leaders ahead! When I was younger I worked for an air freight contractor that had contracts [Read more...]

Preying on Those Most Vulnerable


by Calulu Last week someone sent a link for a sect that calls itself “Biblical Families”. At first glance they seem like the usual patriarchal fundamentalist flavor of Christianity, like a thousand other versions of Christianity. In fact, this is how they describe themselves – [Read more...]

At What Point Is Faith Really Child Abuse?


by Calulu Trigger Warning! Yesterday I saw a very disturbing video that was filmed last weekend, on Easter Day, in front of a United Methodist Church in North Carolina. The church is letting from it’s Easter services while a young boy stands with a sign that reads like something out of Westboro Baptist and yells [Read More...]