The Parenting Project: Childhood Part 1


Here’s the next set of questions for the Parenting Project. They deal with the type of parenting you received from your own parents and while you were at school. I hope you’re consider joining this project and sharing what you know about parenting. Again, only answer as much as you feel comfortable doing. I know [Read More...]

Crampin’ My Style


by Mari A few days after my spiritual epiphany, my three brothers and I received brand new, leather-bound King James Version Bibles for Christmas. On New Years’ Day, we began our annual tradition of reading through the entire Bible in 365 days. We were 11, 9, 7 and 5 years of age. This ritual consisted [Read More...]

On a Lighter Note

by Mari The only time we ever got new clothes was on our birthdays and Christmas. At this point in my life, I totally understand that. I don’t see the point in buying each kid a bunch of new clothes when they’re going to outgrow them in a matter of weeks or months. I don’t [Read More...]

Millipede Part 32 How Did I Get Here? Part 3

howdidIget here

by Millipede In my case, the path started when I became involved in various “patriot” groups. Ironically, I was at first very careful to weed out the chauvinists and the misogynists. How women were viewed and treated was a make or break issue with me. My husband at the time was like most “average” guys [Read More...]

Millipede Part 29

[Read more...]