How I (Barely) Survived Home Schooling

Cross posted from Homeschoolers Anonymous How I (Barely) Survived Home Schooling: Jonny Scaramanga’s Story Jonny Scaramanga blogs on Accelerated Christian Education and leaving fundamentalism at his blog, Leaving Fundamentalism. He is building a resource on ACE here, and collects survivor stories from students with experience of ACE. [Read more...]

Sexism, Judgement Day and Forgetting as a Survival Tool


by Sierra cross posted from her blog the phoenix and olive branch Sometimes, my mind goes through a litany of abuse that I can’t stop. From my father’s intimidation to the men in trucks who ran me off the road [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Wait, What? The ‘Sinners Prayer’ Is Not Enough?


by David Cloud from The Way Of Life.Org, which is affiliated with the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Church. “The fruit of the Hyles model and methodology has often consisted of moral and spiritual shipwreck. [Read more...]

I Was An Abusive Homeschooling Mother


by Brooke Leyzorek cross posted from Homeschoolers Anonymous I Was An Abusive Homeschooling Mother: Brook Leyzorek’s Story Trigger warning: this story contains a detailed description of physical abuse. I was an abusive homeschooling mother. I can’t change that fact by writing about it. [Read more...]

CTBHHM: Single Moms Turned Lesbian


by Libby Anne cross posted from her blog Love, Joy, Feminism Created To Be His Help Meet, pp. 67-72 Debi’s purpose in this entire section is to make her readers terrified of the thought of divorce. Her goal is to make sure that her readers won’t even think of leaving [Read more...]