On the Radio …

Tomorrow morning, Laura and I will be interviewed on a talk radio show in Long Island, in Metropolitan New York ~ WUSB 90.1 FM is a community and college supported radio statio. The show is called "medicine unplugged" and deals with the unfair social, economic and religious obstacles to the wellness of people. Host Wilbur Larch covers everything from the atrocities against women in Sudan to the outrageous practices of Big Pharma and Insurance companies here at home. The audience is mostly the early morning drive time traffic and the residents of the Stony Brook and surrounding towns and specially the students at the State University in Stony Brook.Laura's segment, which was pre-recorded, … [Read more...]

ROTFL ‹(ô¿ô)›

  http://www.welingelichtekringen.nl/de-vrouw-als-broedmachine.html Yesterday, both Laura and I were at our computers working on posts for this blog ~ she in Seattle and I, in Nebraska. We were consulting via IM on a few things that we're working on, when I sent her the link posted above. What follows here is our chat which left us both laughing until we had tears:LAURA: what is the german breadmachine thing?VYCKIE: i can't read it!!i think it's the salon.com articleLAURA: doesn't it look like it's talking about a bread machine?I have got to send my moms that link!!VYCKIE: if you figure out what it says, let me knowLAURA: okI will try an online translator... … [Read more...]