Good Baptists Don’t Dance 1971-72


by Bruce Gerencser It’s September of  1971 and I am fourteen and a ninth grade student at Central Junior High School in Findlay, Ohio. Seven months later, in April of 1972, my parents divorced, and a  few months after that Mom married her first cousin and Dad married a 19-year-old who had a little girl. [Read more...]

Stress, Pride, Shame and Frogs


by Cindy Foster In February of 2002 we attended our first five day stress in the ministry workshop.  We were invited by our close friends of near 30 years who founded this desperately needed ministry near 30 years ago. [Read more...]

CTBHHM: One Ugly Hillbilly


by Libby Anne Created To Be His Help Meet, pp. 27-28 Throughout her book, Debi’s attitude toward women is bizarre. In this passage, Debi tells a story to illustrate her point about the importance [Read more...]

Sunday Challenge Answers – How Has Your Self Body Image Changed?


Answers to Sunday’s question of the day from our readers – Fledgling Feminist Sierra and Libby Anne were the first ones who honestly challenged me about modesty. I always had a sense that “some people just take it too far,” like making women wear burqas or [Read more...]

Religious Trauma Syndrome


by Calulu Several days ago a link to an article written by Valerie Tarico at arrived on my Facebook page. The piece was about a newly named syndrome – RTS – Religious Trauma Syndrome and [Read more...]